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Midlands PSP introduction

Jane Whitlock

Jane is the Midlands Practice Senior Partner and former lead partner of the Audit Practice in the region.

The Midlands is a great place to work and do business.

Having spent my whole career in the region, I have witnessed how it has evolved and adapted to economic change with great success.

Identified as the most entrepreneurial region outside of Greater London, both the West and East Midlands are well connected to attract global businesses and top talent.

In the West, the pilot of 5G, high-fibre broadband, the 2022 Commonwealth Games and promise of HS2, has seen Birmingham become the place where people want to live, work and stay.

Experiencing the highest levels of inward investment outside of London, the decision by HSBC, Deutsche Bank and HM Revenue & Customs to relocate to the city shows that as a region we are not only a hotspot for emerging businesses, but we are successfully attracting those large, global businesses.

To the East, key cities such as Nottingham, Derby and Leicester are experiencing significant infrastructure investment, which is helping drive growth across the whole region and across key industries.

Playing an integral part of this success is Deloitte in the Midlands. The practice continue to thrive with over 750 people working alongside many key companies, business influencers and institutions.

Testament to our success is the strength of our people. I am passionate about nurturing and mentoring talent as we have an enviable depth of experience working alongside local, national and international clients.

We continue to attract the best talent to the business, whether that is through our BrightStart school leaver programme, graduate intake or experienced hires as well as supporting the communities we work within.

Through our ‘One Million Futures’ programme, the Midlands practice is making an impact that matters for future generations. In the past year we have raised over £200,000 for our society partners – Action for Children and Framework – as well as support other, local initiatives.

The future is very exciting and I am determined Deloitte will be the best place to work in the Midlands.