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Purchase Price Allocator

Clarified. Simplified. Demystified. Automated.

A self-service process for acquisition related intangible asset valuations

Streamlined process


  • Simple and intuitive questions
  • Complex valuation calculations are automated, reducing user error
  • All data held on secure servers

Comprehensive deliverable


  • 45 minutes start to finish
  • Editable 25 page PPA report

Fewer queries from auditors


  • Clear documentation which should reduce queries and challenges from auditors

What you’ll need:


There are a lot of judgemental areas in a PPA. You’ll need:

  • An understanding of the acquired business and its key value drivers
  • The fair value of tangible assets and liabilities, the fair value of the total consideration paid, business forecasts
  • To choose royalty rates and the useful life of assets



  • Works for any transaction size
  • Works for all mainstream industries
  • Allocates value to brand related assets, customer related assets and technology related assets
  • Can value multiple assets
  • Can be used for multiple transactions

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