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Legal Entity Strategy

Helping business transform and unlock value by strategically optimising corporate legal entity structures

Corporate legal entity structures are often complex and challenging
to manage, absorbing unnecessary costs and inhibiting effective
governance and decision-making. Many legacy corporate structures are the
accidental result of historical transactions, rather than being driven
by forward-looking strategic needs. Whether you are going through a
major transaction or simply looking for ways to optimise your business,
taking a strategic view of legal entity structures can position you for
future growth.

How can Deloitte help?

Our Legal Entity Strategy team provides an end-to-end service, from legal entity diagnostic to target structure option designs, through to programme implementation, including entity restructuring, repapering, client and regulatory communications, and more.

Our approach


We take you through an end-to-end process from diagnosis of legal entity issues through to implementation and ‘go-live’. Our approach has been developed to flex around the particular imperatives, timescales and deal rationale of a client’s specific transaction scenario.

Providing you with a multidisciplinary team


Our legal entity strategy team is multidisciplinary, bringing expertise from across Deloitte’s service lines and geographies. We deliver not only programme leadership, but deep experience across the multiple functions – from Finance and CoSec through to HR and IT – required to deliver ambitious legal entity strategies.