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Startup ventures

By disrupting the way we live and work, startups create powerful potential for solving the big challenges ahead of us. Our goal is to collaborate with some of the UK’s most pioneering founders to help mobilise this energy, innovation, and new technology, in a way that can have a real impact for the organisations we work with all around the world.

Who is a good match?

We work with emerging technology startups between Seed to Series B+ who have evidence of market traction, are operating in the B2B market and can help solve some of our client challenges.

If you operate in one of the following areas we’d love to hear from you:

  • Sustainability and climate

  • FinTech

  • Consumer

  • GenAI

  • Space

How can we help?

Collaborating with startups

We’re looking for startups who have the potential to disrupt, enhance and complement our business. But for the perfect match, we also look for visionary founders who believe in the power of collaboration, and who are excited to build with us. We asked some of the startups we work with to share what a collaboration with us really feels like.

Spotlight on

The pitch

"Climate X is a climate risk data provider giving businesses and governments the data needed to build climate resilience. By leveraging state-of-the-art climate risk modelling, we allow the analysis and quantifying of the impact of extreme weather events linked to climate change. We provide asset-level risk ratings and climate-adjusted loss estimates between now and 2100 under multiple climate emission scenarios."

Find out more about Climate X.

How we’re working together

There are few challenges greater than climate change, but the cutting-edge technology developed by Climate X can help organisations to become more resilient. By collaborating with Climate X we can give our clients access to data that will help them quantify and prepare for climate related physical risk, years before those events occur.

It's not just about investing in technology, it’s also about investing in teams, and we found that Climate X aligned on our purpose driven agenda as well as being an exciting innovation.

The pitch

"Cutover is a leading cloud-based platform that drives operational excellence by bringing teams and technology together to orchestrate complex work faster, with real-time visibility and control. We eliminate the need for outdated tooling like spreadsheets and help companies more effectively plan, orchestrate, analyse, and audit the manual and automated activities that drive critical events across operational resilience, cloud migration and application release. Cutover's work orchestration and observability enables organisations to move quickly with confidence."

Find out more about Cutover.

How we’re working together

Whilst the traditional market was still using Excel, email and calls to coordinate complex working models, Cutover’s founders Marcus and Ky spotted an opportunity to rethink this approach. Led by passionate, knowledgeable futurists, Cutover have built a distinct event orchestration and live rehearsal capability.

We’re working with Cutover to help our clients with their platform implementations and accelerate their migration to the cloud whilst improving the performance and resilience of their operations throughout the process.

We asked some of the startups we work with to share what a collaboration with Deloitte Ventures really feels like. Hear from Ky Nichol, CEO at Cutover, on the importance of collaboration to help shape the future of business.

Looking to space to help solve some of Earth’s most pressing problems

Find out how emerging space technologies are helping to reverse the global decline in whales through our open innovation Gravity Challenge

Interested in connecting?

If you are a founder and would like to find out more about collaborating with our startup ventures team us, please get in touch.