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Unlimited Reality™: Shape the metaverse

Explore what’s possible when the physical and digital meet

Welcome to a new era

A new era of disruption has arrived. Advances in AI, blockchain, 5G, and IoT are converging with advances in 3D spatial computing, creating new opportunities previously unimagined. At the same time, the way we interact—be it in the business realm or our personal lives—is also fundamentally shifting. The combination of these forces is creating a new paradigm, one that we call Unlimited Reality.

Unlimited Reality in your industry

Explore how we’ve helped different industries find the value of Unlimited Reality today.

Unlimited Reality is here—and it's for everyone


The metaverse is upon us, and it's not just a banner ad in a VR headset. We think of the metaverse as the internet in 3D. Unlimited Reality is enabling businesses to find new avenues for growth with leaders re-examining nearly every aspect of their organisations. Across industries, companies are transforming the ways in which they create meaningful customer relationships, solve complex operational problems, and empower their employees. They’re doing so by connecting the physical with the digital, pairing the intelligence of AI with the intuitiveness of 3D, and linking new forms of identity with next-generation asset ownership.

What does this look like in practical terms? Retailers are augmenting their physical experiences with immersive formats through applications ranging from virtual stores to enabling consumers to virtually “try on” products prior to purchase. Manufacturers are designing, simulating, and optimising production facilities through 3D digital twins prior to a single construction pound being spent. Health care providers are training medical personnel on new procedures and critical patient care processes in immersive environments not easily replicated in the physical world. The applications are wide ranging, the opportunities are endless, and they are happening now. Get in touch to find the right solution for your business problems.

Unlimited Reality, limitless possibility


Deloitte has a history of not just helping companies develop new strategies in the face of technological change, but also for executing them to achieve their potential. With Unlimited Reality, we have brought together practitioners with skillsets ranging from AI to 3D interface design to blockchain, in order to help our clients test the value of the metaverse and AR in the right way. Our team is experienced in helping clients take a test-and-learn approach, starting with strategy and innovation labs to prove our use cases. Our breadth of services from Acne, our creative consultancy, AI institute, internet risk team, to tax identifying R&D tax benefits mean that we are able to support the full metaverse journey from strategy through to implementation and successful scaling.

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