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Optimising the performance of assets and organisations

First class service and value for passengers; optimising the condition, yield and efficiency of assets; leveraging new technologies; delivering the capacity and connectivity to support economic growth.

Transport infrastructure plays a fundamental role in driving economic growth and enabling the UK to compete in the global economy. However, austerity measures, a challenging financial climate, industry reform and stringent public scrutiny are making the delivery of a first class 21st century transport system ever more challenging.

Deloitte works across the transport sector supporting public and private sector clients in delivering and optimising the performance of their transport assets, addressing the key business challenges within their own organisations and managing change in the wake of regulatory change and reforms.

With a deep understanding of the sector and extensive international industry experience, our dedicated Transport network brings together the best of Deloitte’s leading, multi-disciplinary expertise to advise owners and operators across the full lifecycle of a transport asset; from planning, financing and procurement, through managing capital programmes, to operation, maintenance and advisory on asset disposals and acquisitions.

  • Delivering a lean terminal – how can airports minimise costs and improve profitability through operations?  What lessons can be learnt from lean manufacturing techniques?  
  • Maximising yield from transport real estate – evaluating key development strategies in commercialising transport assets.
  • Oversight and foresight – leveraging management information, systems and technology in the control of capital programmes.  
  • How is analytics transforming the operation and maintenance of transport assets?
  • Security – how will the UK Government’s anticipated aviation security legislation create opportunities for airports and airlines to revolutionise the alignment between security requirements and business goals, and improve the passenger experience?
  • Smarter tickets and smarter services – unlocking the potential.
  • Tackling congestion – the way forward.  Road congestion is an ever growing problem; however few of the proposed policy solutions are acceptable or practical.  What can be done to improve the situation?
  • Transport strategy and economics – making the right moves.  A sound understanding of the complex interaction of social, economic and environmental challenges will help policy makers develop the right transport strategies.
  • Connecting local transport – addressing the funding and governance challenges in the local transport network.
  • Towards sustainability – tackling climate change and improving air quality requires new transport policy options and consideration of the wider sustainability impacts of existing plans.