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Where tomorrow’s technology meets the future of ideas

TechWorks brings Deloitte’s global expertise and capabilities to clients in the South West and Wales. A technology hub based in Bristol with a dedicated collaboration space, our local team of 60 technologists, systems engineers and digital experts work with you to find and build solutions.

Imagine the future

Our presence in the South West and our knowledge of the region means that organisations collaborate locally with us on their solutions from concept to delivery using local talent.

Connecting you with the future

By bringing together our expertise in emerging technologies with creative thinking, we can help you to:

User research and user experience driven design

Product research, strategy and design

Business analysis and delivery management

Rapid prototype development, testing and iteration

Secure engineering

Platform development

Cloud agnostic solutions

Data visualisation, dashboard design

Storyboarding and illustration

Bespoke application development

Integration services and large-scale technology transformations

Future of Experience page

Harness advanced drone technology to efficiently gather information or transport materials in high or hard-to-reach places.

Secure engineering

We develop and improve technology systems to meet business requirements while being safe from cybercrime, misuse and malicious behaviour.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Use cameras, sensors and other connected devices to gather and send data, unlocking countless new ways to collaborate with colleagues and automate tasks.


Use cutting-edge technologies like remote sensing, GPS and geographic information systems to acquire, analyse and store geographic data.

Machine learning

Build algorithms that identify pattens in data, enabling your systems to perform tasks, optimise processes and predict behaviour without additional programming.

Computer vision

Automate manual processes with ground-breaking AI technologies that allow computers to see and analyse the physical world.

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Deloitte helps Scottish health authorities to reduce the delivery time of urgent medical supplies from 48 hours to 30 minutes.

Deloitte was proud to support Bristol Tech Festival 2020




Drones to carry COVID samples

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