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Insight Driven Organisation

Everything we do is focussed on enabling fast, confident decisions and pioneering actions. We transform our clients with end-to-end data analytics and AI fuelled services, orchestrating complex business transformations that drive impact & shape the future.

What is an Insight Driven Organisation (IDO)?

An IDO is an organisation driven by Intelligence, Insight and Information, in order to be Innovative at an Industrial scale.

We help our clients become IDOs by embedding AI, analytics and robust data into their day-to-day decision-making processes.

IDOs see AI and analytics as core capabilities which drive business strategy and help them to tackle their most complex business problems.

IDOs develop and evolve products and services which cultivate an intelligent decision making culture, responding to dynamic internal and external environments.

IDOs think not just about their data and systems, but prioritise strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes and the entire information lifecycle to elevate the effective generation and application of insights in all areas of the enterprise.

We are honoured to be recognised as a Leader in Data and Analytics by Gartner, and as a Leader in Enterprise Insights Services by Forrester, due to our well-balanced completeness of vision and ability to execute.

The I in IDO - no longer just about Insight

We help build robust, secure and reliable data storage, good quality, data with strong ETL, reporting and BI capabilities leveraging the right tools, platforms, architecture.

Case study

Our IDO team worked with one of the world’s most recognised FMCG brands to help them understand how their vast customer data repositories could be used to inform the creation of new products and services to serve their client base. Through our tailored IDO lab session, which brought together a mix of global analytics and FMCG experts, we worked with executives to explore the latest in data-driven business innovation, including the latest data monetisation techniques and business models being developed. Using our toolkit the client was develop and identify new revenue streams made possible by data.

We aid in leveraging intelligent automation, cognitive analytics and AI to supplement and augment human decision making.

Case study

Our IDO team worked with a leader in consumer goods industry to deliver forward looking data driven insights for at speed problem solving and develop an adaptive engagement and fulfilment ecosystem to manage customer interactions and interventions to profitable sales. We designed and built a highly scalable Consumer Data Platform with embedded machine learning algorithms and visualisation capabilities. As a result, the client is able to understand how their products are positioned in social media, the marketing levers that can be controlled, and standardise reporting and analytics across the various markets.

We develop culture of ideation and knowledge sharing, with a strategy that leverages the latest technologies and stays ahead of the competition.

Case study

Our IDO team worked with a client who were looking to improve their asset performance and identify their key financial drivers via innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies. To achieve this, we helped design and build a simulation that digitally replicated their assets, combining asset and planning datasets, real-world data, and the power of analytics and machine learning to accurately replicate past performance and events. The simulation was the first-of-its-kind both for the client organisation as well as the wider industry, and enabled the client to identify their most critical assets and build predictive maintenance regimes, vary elements on the digital replica to understand what their real-world impact could be, and view recommendations on how to improve their operational capabilities.

We develop enterprise-wide collaboration, integrated architectures into core systems, process, and behaviours with robust processes and workflows.

Case study

Our IDO team worked with a client to drive and support the strategy and the delivery of commercial applications across both the US and European markets to enable seamless collaboration. We led the strategy, business design, development, and deployment of the solution following an Agile methodology. Our approach enabled the delivery of single, global platform for tracking all customer interactions and collaboration seamlessly across field teams. Using the consolidate platform, reporting and analytics capabilities our client was able significantly enhance decision making and redefine approach around segmentation, targeting and strategic account planning.

We enable strong analytical capabilities, leveraging descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Case study

Our IDO team worked with a client who were limited by their existing toolkit, operated through a variety of disconnected BI systems, and needed to achieve more accurate and timely insight from their data. After performing a current state assessment to pinpoint their biggest BI uses, we created a roadmap and target operating model for incremental build of BI capabilities. This was accompanied by a business case for the transformation and a series of interactive dashboards, showcasing the art of the possible. In the short term, our client had access to a new suite of reporting capabilities and improved data literacy within the organisation, reducing opportunity cost. In the long term, this enabled the client to speed up their decision making, reduce errors, and operate as an insight-driven organisation.

Are you an Insight Driven Organisation?

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The IDO playbook

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Ensuring the AI vision aligns to and supports corporate goals and objectives.

Value Generation

Understanding the value of AI and prioritising initiatives appropriately to support a business case

Insight Driven Performance

Evaluating how businesses should be using insight to manage their business performance and how to unlock value through effective decision making

DIY Data Analytics

Organisations can unlock value at pace by combining capabilities from different cloud vendors to build their technology stack whilst democratising analytics

Digital Ethics & AI

Digital Ethics can be embedded with AI to ensure insights are trustworthy and technology aligns with company values

Start Small, Scale Fast

Shifting towards less data hungry models or combined structured and non-structured data to overcome limitations of large data sets. Optimise costs

Analytics on the Edge

Capture more insights by tapping into assets distributed outside your cloud environment and reduce analytical latency by performing analytics locally

Secure Collaboration

Share and access more data whilst preserving privacy and security – tap into datasets that traditionally are difficult to access due to regulatory concerns and high sensitivity

The War on Talent

Creating an ecosystem of analytical talent with the right balance of business and technical skills – attract more data scientists and AI experts into your organisation

IDO Culture

Designing and enabling the appropriate behaviours to ensure IDO is embedded within the organisation and continues to deliver long term value

Total Experience

Combine MX, CX, EX and UX to create an all-round exceptional experience with anyone that interacts with your brand. Architected correctly, organisations cam unlock powerful insights from total experience technology

Distributed Enterprise

How can we organise to deliver value in a dispersed business model with employees and customers in varying locations? What technology should you be investing in?