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Digital Capital Projects

A digital capital project is more than simply the use of technology in delivering a project. It represents a fundamental shift in how a project is designed, constructed, operated and decommissioned.

Digital transformation provides an opportunity to gain safety, efficiency, and significant financial benefits, including 5-10 per cent reduction in build costs and 10-20 per cent reduction in operational costs.

The key challenges to realising these benefits often relate to finding funding, organising people and securing buy-in, selecting the answer too soon, and delivering the change.

Deloitte has extensive experience of digital transformation. While the journey can be complex, we know that a successful outcome can be characterised very clearly and simply; a data driven approach, backed up by an agile innovation process and a digital mindset that permeates the project team and organisation. 

Why now is the right time
Current technology now makes data collection, analysis and interaction more powerful and intuitive than ever before. As long as investment is approached early, consistently and strategically, benefits can outweigh the costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Deloitte’s three phase transformation process can help you move forward, regardless of where you are on your digital journey. It is underpinned by tried and tested methodologies, with relevant toolkits and accelerators to support delivery.

Example Technology: digital through the lifecycle

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