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Deloitte Space

Accelerating possibilities in the space industry

Space has always been a source of inspiration for humanity. Today, it’s become an enabler of innovation — in banking, consumer, agriculture, climate science, technology, national security, energy, telecommunications, and many other industries and sectors — and its potential is only expanding.

Deloitte’s space practice brings its full range of professional services offerings, blended with space subject matter expertise, to help space start-ups scale, support UK government in delivering complex space programmes, grow space sector businesses and advise industries on what space means for them. To help accelerate the possibilities, we collaborate with business leaders and the innovation ecosystem to bring our global and cross-industry expertise to serve the space industry.

Deloitte Space serves clients in three dimensions

The opportunities ahead—and above
The space ecosystem is changing. Once a domain accessible only to government entities or billionaires, space now affects nearly every aspect of life on Earth. Earth observation for defence and climate monitoring, satellite-based positioning for navigation, satellite communications that are enabling ubiquitous connectivity, and in-space research and development for pharmaceuticals and manufacturing: We all depend on space. As government and commercial entities enter or expand their presence in the space frontier, new challenges will likely arise in their business operations. Success, from a business perspective, may not come easily — but we can play a valuable role in helping companies prepare for the challenges and competitors they will face in the new space market.

However, opportunity is not solely reserved for those in the space sector. At Deloitte, we bring together and connect our clients (from banking to pharmaceuticals) with best-in-class startups in the space ecosystem to help break down the opportunities of space technologies (spacetech) and explore their applications for business.

For more than 175 years, Deloitte has advised clients through industrial and technological revolutions. And Deloitte Space—Deloitte’s cross-business and cross-industry focused offering—is ready to help you lead this new revolution.

Why Deloitte Space
Deloitte offers a unique depth and breadth of space experience with a globally connected space practice in more than 15 countries. We have over 15 years of experience advising our clients and acting as a connector of organisations within the space industry, spanning across civil, defence, and commercial sectors. Our global team of scientists, technologists, and advisers has launched rockets, deployed satellite remote-sensing systems, implemented global telecom solutions, managed ground operations, analysed the commercial space economy, and secured billions in investment for innovators both big and small.