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Recent years have shown how critical the provision, monitoring, and management of credit is to the functioning of the global economy for both businesses and individuals. We understand the value and relative scarcity of expertise in this area, from prudential credit risk measurement to loan loss provisioning and stress testing. Processes and controls, disclosure and regulatory reporting, governance, and programme management all require ongoing focus and investment in the financial services sector.

As such, credit teams and the models they build and rely on need to adapt to this ever-changing regulatory landscape and economic uncertainty. Firms must challenge existing credit models to ensure compliance and effectiveness to run a resilient business. We offer independent assurance over your credit models, providing confidence to regulators and external auditors.

We are an experienced team with industry insight and hands-on experience to support you with credit model assurance and risk management. We can provide robust peer benchmarking to challenge your existing credit models, and we have developed a toolkit designed to accelerate projects, drive cost efficiencies, and deliver quality challenges to your credit models.

Our team has experience in audit, assurance, and advisory engagements with over forty UK lenders, including UK Tier 1 banks, and is well connected to the views and demands of the UK and European regulators.

Credit Model Assurance

We provide end-to-end assurance for financial institutions for their credit models to support financing and investment decisions.

Our assurance services evaluate a credit model’s structure, considering its data flow, calibration, and logic, assessing risk areas, and checking for regulatory compliance and integration of best practices.

We can provide assurance over a wide range of credit model types, whether for regulatory compliance or for implementing best practice:

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