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Analytics Assurance

Organisations increasingly understand the value of using data and analytics to optimise performance, maintain good governance and make strategic decisions. Analytical tools and models are used throughout businesses, from finance to sales, covering suppliers and customers, with an ever-growing scale and scope.

The quality of the tools and models you rely on right now depends on the skills of your people, the control frameworks you have in place, and the oversight you apply. However, many companies are still on a journey to develop this infrastructure.

Analytics Assurance can support you by assuring your data, your models, and their output, as you work to mitigate risks and optimise your performance. Analytics Assurance can help you gain confidence that data is complete and accurate, models are robust and comply with regulations, and insights are relevant and transparent.

We work across all industries and combine a broad set of tools and services that we can apply quickly, using a tailored approach for each client dependent on their industry, business model and priorities. We have deep specialist skills in financial services and have developed several proprietary processes and toolkits rooted in the latest technological and regulatory developments.