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Scope 3 Community

Our Scope 3 Community brings unique value to its members, facilitating collaboration with suppliers to capture and utilise data that supports meaningful decision-making to meet your Scope 3 objectives. Through a cloud-based solution, we help our members understand where their carbon emissions originate and allow them to identify hotspots in their value chains. We then help them create their strategy to accelerate the decarbonisation efforts across their value chain.

The challenge

Scope 3 emissions' reporting is a complex matter, as it requires organisations to accurately assess their end-to-end value chain. Whilst requirements for disclosure and transparency are increasing, there is a persistent lack of regulatory consistency. A better understanding of scope 3 emissions is needed to enable accurate assessments of suppliers and move towards Net Zero.

Our solution

Our Scope 3 Community has developed a cloud-based solution that collects, calculates, analyses and reports on scope 3 emissions, identifying and using best available data to take your organisation on a journey from spend to activity-based analysis, as well as allowing you to start incorporating product level data in your emissions data. Data is presented in an easily navigable dashboard, providing you with the ability to track progress against climate commitments. Our community model brings together procurement leaders, and allows collaboration between members, ultimately providing them with the tools and insights to accelerate decarbonisation in their supply chains.

The Scope 3 Community addresses the main decarbonisation challenges.

  • It drives change from suppliers, by evaluating their alignment to buyers’ and competitors’ climate commitments. The community model is leveraged to influence higher quality of data and increased efforts in reducing emissions.
  • It identifies carbon intensive spend categories or products, which can inform procurement decisions and supplier engagement that promote decarbonisation.
  • It provides an inventory of scope 3 emissions. This facilitates the process of identifying emissions hotspots, tracking progress for carbon reductions, and overall enhances data accuracy of scope 3 emissions.

By holistically bringing together product data, supplier emissions and climate commitments, we aim to sow the seeds for cross-industry collaboration and effective supply-chain decarbonisation.

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