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Organise for digital

The CIO / CDO relationship

How do enterprises organise the transformation journey from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital’? Which are the most successful models and how do organisations embed them?

In this report, we explore the transformational journey organisations go through to instill Digital within their DNA. Many enterprises embark on a journey to develop from merely ‘doing digital’ into ‘being digital’, where digital DNA is infused in every part of the enterprise. There is, however, no ‘one size fits all’ solution for the way this transformation journey should be organised and a number of different models designed to help embed Digital Transformation. This report provides practical guidelines based on our experience in the market.

The report covers the digital journey through the following stages:

  • The beginnings of exploring Digital within the enterprise 
  • What is required from the Digital leader
  • Who will lead the Digital Transformation and the lines of responsibility 
  • Digital becoming business as usual
This report is authored by Dr. Andries van Dijk, Director, Deloitte Consulting.

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