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Cutting edge Clienteling in the palm of your hand.

Integration + customisation: Play nice with others.

Whatever your retail strategy and systems, KIT plugs in and gets to work right out of the box. Designed to integrate with and surface data from a range of back-end systems and technology.

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Forward-thinking retailers, facing ever evolving challenges in a competitive marketplace, are modernizing their stores by placing digital tools in the hands of store associates to help harmonize the physical and digital sales experience.

KIT is one of these tools, leading the way in the evolution of digital retail. It is an in-store mobile sales platform that supports all areas of store operations and harmonises the physical and digital sales experience. It is used by some of the world’s leading retail brands in over 64 countries and 12 languages. Harnessing the very latest technology, KIT helps retailers of all shapes and sizes differentiate their brand and drive sales, either implemented as a standalone solution or as part of a wider digital transformation programme, the intuitive design makes it appealing to use.

How are we helping retailers drive sales?

Clienteling: Know your customers like the back of your screen

Enable your store associates to interact with customers in-store, at home, on the phone, or screen to screen. Transform the customer experience with meaningful and personalised interactions. Get a deeper understanding of your customers, build relationships and increase sales fast.

The Power of Clienteling Software

KIT’s Clienteling Software features provide store associates with the right data and tools to upscale customer experiences to the next-level and keep them coming back for more, resulting in higher retention and customer lifetime value

Assisted Selling: Ready, Set, Grow.

Intuitive and easy to use, with endless aisle, real-time views stock and so much more. Enable your store associates to advise, recommend and upsell products from anywhere, anytime, and no matter how the customer wishes to shop.

Assisted Selling. Supercharge your store associates.

KIT’s Assisted Selling features place all the relevant product and stock details your store associates need in the palm of their hands, empowering them to be product experts and improve convenience for the customer. Direct results are higher conversion rates and increased basket size.

Digital Store Operations: Making a winning sales team.

Built for efficiency, productivity, and collaboration on the shop floor. From visualising KPIs to confirming appointments and completing store tasks, KIT is easily adopted by store associates around the world and is key to enabling greater store performance.

Cutting edge in-store technology.

From video calling to image recognition, from Click & Collect to data intelligence KIT stays at the cutting edge of technology so your business is ready for anything and with offices all over the world we provide the personal touch with your local teams.

Case studies

TOD’S Group is a family-run Italian fashion house, a global ambassador for Italy’s deeply rooted manufacturing traditions and a key player in producing and distributing luxury footwear, leather goods, clothing, and accessories.

Albia Gestion De Servicios is one of Spain’s leading funeral services organisations, with a workforce in excess of 1,000 and showrooms nationwide. To ensure its customer’s experience remains at the forefront of the industry, Albia has taken a modern retail approach through the implementation of KIT on iOS devices across all its stores.

KIT was selected by a global luxury fashion retailer as its brand new Clienteling and Assisted Selling solution in late 2016. The organisation’s goals, met by KIT, included support for its Store Associates in driving sales, hitting their individual KPIs and nurturing customer loyalty, based on preferences, behaviours and purchases. KIT’s success at this organisation, and other high-profile retailers across the world, is predicated on placing the Store Associate at the heart of the customer journey, and offers the very best customer experience, consistent with one of the world’s leading fashion houses.

One of Canada’s leading retailers, Toys“R”Us Canada employs over 4,000 staff in 82 stores nationwide. As part of its digital transformation strategy, following its recent restructuring, the retailer committed to providing its Store Associates with the best tools available to drive sales and provide an unparalleled customer experience. Following a detailed exploration of available solutions in the marketplace, Toys“R”Us selected KIT, a cutting-edge digital Clienteling and Assisted Selling app suite, helping make Toys“R”Us one of the most innovative retailers in business today.

Choose and use the components you need to drive your business forward


Highly flexible and configurable to fit to a range of retail market sectors and unique business requirements.


Easily scalable and reliable for exponential growth, KIT has been successfully deployed globally by a number of large retail brands.

Cost effective

Straightforward and rapid to deploy, KIT leverages and makes the most of your current and future system investments.


We use and develop the very latest technology for the sole purpose of enhancing your brand, improving your processes and creating the very best in customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.

Customers expect retailers to offer a range of communication options and video calling is becoming ever more popular. Store associates and customers can speak face to face all from within the app.

Send and receive direct communication with customers via integration to various channels including SMS, email, voice, social channels and video.

These key capabilities are built into the fabric of our app. In-depth knowledge of customer behaviour, demands and requirements all at the push of a button.

View, snooze and complete daily tasks, appointments, events and omnichannel activities such as Click & Collect, Reserve in Store, and Ship from Store.

Know your customers with 360° views of transaction history, online baskets and wish lists, notes and loyalty data.

Build baskets and connect to various payment methods to support a variety of omnichannel journeys.

Create looks and group products together to share with customers via their preferred communication channel.

Confirm and manage customer appointments and omnichannel activities including Click & Collect, Reserve in Store, and Ship from Store.

Browse an endless aisle catalogue to access product details including comparisons and reviews.

Snap a photo of a product, and the KIT app will instantly recognise it and surface all relevant data.

Access training documents and company announcements to ensure success from day one.

Access surveys and questionnaires to capture customer and employee feedback.

Request items from the back of house for uninterrupted customer experiences.

Access real-time views of stock in-store, nearby, online and anywhere around the world.

Complete cycle counts, initiate stock shipments and transfers.

View and share go-to recommendations to bundle products and offer alternatives.

View individual and team KPIs and sales performance.

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