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Future of B2B Sales

How organizations can take bold action to thrive in the future of sales

In our new point of view, “The End of Incrementalism: How organizations can take bold action to thrive in the future of sales”, we discuss four actions leaders should explore to achieve differentiated sales performance

Thrive in the future of sales

Of the many unexpected outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis, the adaptability of sales organizations may have been one of the most satisfying for executives. In most industries, sales professionals navigated market uncertainty and social distancing well, capitalizing on diminished travel time to expand sales activity.

But as we look toward the end of the COVID-19 crisis, B2B sales leaders face renewed uncertainty. In the face of fundamental disruption, incremental changes will no longer suffice. The era of incrementalism is coming to an end.

Based on Deloitte Digital’s recent experience working with clients across industries, we increasingly believe that leading sales organizations will reduce investment from field organizations and deepen their digital presence with customers and partners.

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