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Deloitte’s Voice of the Workforce report

The Future of work in Europe

So far the conversation about how work will, and must, evolve has heavily relied on the insights and experiences of organisations. What has been missing is the perspective of the workforce. This report aims to bring the ‘voice of the workforce’ into the debate, examining workers’ attitudes and views across Europe, and revealing key insights which should generate more conversation and shape approaches around the future of work.

To successfully adapt and thrive in a new environment companies, public institutions and individuals need to change their mindset in five key ways, which we explore in the report:

  • Taking advantage of longer careers
  • Engaging and motivating a broader workforce
  • Shaping strategies for alternative career models
  • Promoting lifelong learning
  • Sending a wake-up call about technological change

Deloitte’s European Workforce Survey collected the opinions of more than 15,000 people across ten European countries. The analysis of their responses can help companies better understand all segments of the workforce and tailor to a more diverse pool of talent, attracting and making the best use of this resource. The report’s insights will also help public institutions understand where to target their interventions to create a dynamic workforce and support inclusive growth.

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