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COVID-19’s impact on the workforce

Insight for HR teams

It’s likely that the way we work will be forever changed as a result of COVID-19. All of us are seeking answers to guide the way forward. That’s why Deloitte’s Global and UK Human Capital practice have produced a series of articles to inform business leaders on their path to respond, recover, and thrive in these uncertain times. These articles explore the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce and are aimed at supporting HR teams as they navigate their organisation’s response to the pandemic.

HR leaders, in particular, have been at the centre of their organisation’s rapid response to COVID-19, and have been playing a central role in keeping the workforce engaged, productive and resilient. Understandably, recent priorities have been focused almost exclusively on the respond phase. As progress is made against respond efforts, another reality is forming quickly. Now is the time for HR leaders to turn their attention toward recover, to ensure their organisations are prepared to thrive.

The latest thinking from our UK Human Capital practice is: COVID-19 CHRO Lens: Work, Workforce and Workplace Key Considerations. This workbook provides a framework to enable leaders to plan for recovery. It sets out a series of key questions across the dimensions of work, workforce and workplace, enabling organisations to plan for multiple scenarios and time horizons, as they shift from crisis response to recovery.

Other articles we’d encourage you to explore:

  • The Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID Recovery report which outlines five critical workforce actions to tackle a COVID-19 recovery: Reflect, Recommit, Re-engage, Rethink, and Reboot. These short-term actions can help companies to bridge the crisis response to the new normal by laying the foundation to thrive afterwards. Setting such priorities can be most effective with a view of the future direction — guided by the principles of purpose, potential, and perspective — to connect recovery to the thrive and the new normal. 
  • In addition, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital team have created a Recovery Workbook for HR Leaders which contains a framework that considers the Work, Workforce and Workplace. This workbook is intended to point HR leaders to key areas that require focused attention, when rethinking the way we work in light of COVID-19.
  • We have launched a fortnightly ‘CHRO Virtual Forum’, a webinar to bring together HR leaders to discuss the implications of COVID-19. The sessions are a great opportunity to hear from experts within Deloitte about how HR is leading through this crisis, with particular reflections on: HR priorities; employment law and government guidance; reward and pay considerations; property and facilities; wellbeing.

Register for the CHRO Virtual Forum webinar series, see the upcoming schedule and request the slides and recording from previous episodes

There is a hub of content for HR professionals around how to respond to COVID-19 and key areas to consider when managing the crisis. Additional thought leadership pieces are below:

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