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AI Partner Innovation Event: Conception X

Conception X is a deep tech PhD incubator that helps PhD students to commercialise their research. As one of two foundation partners, Deloitte Ventures works closely with Conception X startups to share knowledge and identify opportunities for collaboration.

The changing state of AI- Conception X and Deloitte

Listen to Deloitte and Conception X (CX) discuss the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) and how Conception X and Deloitte are working together to bring start-up AI to the market. Sulabh Soral, Deloitte’s Chief AI Officer, and Mina Midtgarden from the Deloitte AI Institute UK, discuss their aim for global connectivity on the matters of AI.

How does the rise of the AI Institute complement their existing AI business? What is the current state of AI and what trends/challenges are we seeing regarding our clients? How do we define mature vs emerging technologies?

Olivia, CX hub manager, dives further into the importance of CX in bringing solutions to a multitude of industries. What are the different paths available? How diverse is the programme available? Hear from cohort 4 themselves, pitching different areas of AI with the aim to improve business functionalities and overall employee happiness.

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