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Ready To Operate Thought Leadership

Our principles and approach to operational readiness.

All too often, major programmes have elements of failure hard coded into them right from the outset. Programmes that fail to recognise the importance of operational readiness often expose themselves to increased CAPEX, on-going operational cost, unnecessary burdens on their people and damaged stakeholder confidence.

Through our major programmes experience we believe three core principles are critical to successful operational readiness.


Without clear sponsorship to set the direction and enforce the importance, readiness is often an afterthought. Effective sponsorship is key to:

  • defining what readiness looks like
  • consistently pushing the agenda
  • managing and aligning incentives


Being operationally ready requires a dedicated readiness capability within the programme. This capability needs to be based on the experience and insights of those who have operated the output before, and brings together the necessary governance, process, skills and data in a deliberate way.


Timing, as they say, is everything. Readiness can’t be something left to the final days of the delivery programme. Effective Readiness is considered, resourced, and planned for from the outset, and evolves over the life of the programme.

This report delves into each principle in detail, providing contextual insights on how their effective implementation can enhance the delivery of your programme.

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