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A Digital State of Mind – a key pillar to support delivery of major programmes

A digital state of mind underpins Digital Transformation and is comprised of leadership, behaviours, training and tools.

Major Programmes involve long durations and high complexity. Having the ability to see and adapt to a changing set of objectives while keeping an eye on delivery and embracing new supporting technologies is critical to large scale major programme success. Leaders should not overlook the importance of fostering and instilling a digital state of mind in favour of transformation purely led by technology and data initiatives.

A Digital State of Mind (closely linked to digital culture) provides the foundation for a programme with digital at its heart. It is part of Deloitte Major Programmes’ ‘Digital Maturity Model’ which provides a framework, defined by 20 sub-dimensions and 38 criteria, to help organisations explore and learn how to evaluate and develop their digital state.

A Digital state of Mind is a set of attitudes and behaviours that enable people and organisations to embrace technology, data, and innovation, creating new possibilities and improving programme delivery. Deloitte’s Digital Maturity Model breaks Digital State of Mind into four categories: Leadership, Behaviours, Training and Tools. All four of these pillars must be in place to showcase everything Digital Mindset has to offer. With a truly digital mindset, people are empowered by deep digital understanding and capability.

Leaders must remove four barriers namely, the digital deluge, lack of capability and skills, reluctance to transition to new ways of working and leadership mindset shift in order to move towards delivering a programme with a digital mindset.

Our Digital Catalyst team within our UK Major Programmes business has supported digital transformation for some of the world’s largest programme delivery organisations.

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