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Digital Capital Projects: Realising value through digital maturity

Five key dimensions to deploy to enable digital capability within your organisation


Organisations are now turning to digital to deliver Capital Programmes. However, the pace of change within digital is significant, vastly outstripping the rate of change that most organisations can keep up with. The end goal is the creation of a true ‘digital capital project’ - more than simply the use of technology in delivering a project, it represents a fundamental shift in how a project is designed, constructed, operated, and decommissioned.

Digital transformation provides an opportunity to gain safety, efficiency, and significant financial benefits. However, the digital transformation journey for capital project organisations is complex, with numerous barriers to overcome.

One of these significant barriers is the ‘digital deluge’ – the overwhelming landscape of digital technologies, methodologies, and terminology. For many organisations, the biggest difficulty is developing a clear roadmap to digital which is balanced, focussed on challenges rather than solutions and specific enough to make a genuine impact.

Utilising our work with programmes across the entire capital project sector, we have distilled digital transformation into a successful outcome that can be characterised very clearly and simply through four dimensions. The full benefits from Digital Transformation can only be delivered with an approach that encompasses multiple digital dimensions: across data, technology, innovation and people & culture.

Digital Maturity derives from the ability to fully embrace digital across all aspects of a capital project organisation. Understanding these aspects is vital for leveraging the true value of digital.

The key challenge many organisations face in their digital transformation journey is finding the optimal balance across these four dimensions. As a result, organisations need to utilise a structured approach to measure and assess how each of these domains are being leveraged to capture the full value of digital.

Our Digital Maturity Model enables organisations to assess which of the maturity model dimensions and sub-dimensions require better leverage to capture the value of digital.

Deloitte has helped organisations across the Capital Projects industry understand where they’re at, where they need to be, and what they need to focus on to develop their digital maturity in a holistic way.

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