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Albia Gestion De Servicios

Albia Gestion De Servicios is one of Spain’s leading funeral services organisations, with a workforce in excess of 1,000 and showrooms nationwide. To ensure its customer’s experience remains at the forefront of the industry, Albia has taken a modern retail approach through the implementation of KIT on iOS devices across all its stores.

The goal was to streamline and modernise the sales process for customers and ensure Albia’s team of Sales Consultants had the best digital sales tools available, allowing them to maximise their time spent with customers and avoid any loss of sales due to lack of product information and poor customer experience. Sales Consultants can now show customers Albia’s entire range of products and services including images, pricing and availability from the palm of their hand. The customer can select their preferred products, based on their insurance entitlement, which are added to the ‘Basket’ ready for purchase.

The benefits provided by KIT also extend to Albia’s Sales Consultants, who no longer need to gather relevant paper-based materials or brochures. Everything they need is accessible on their handheld devices, allowing consultants to share services and products with the customer easily and being able to always remain at the customer’s side to guide them through the process.

“The feedback we have received following implementation and rollout from both our own store associates and customers has been hugely positive. We look forward to continued sales growth, plus enhanced employee and customer satisfaction as a direct result of KIT in 2018 and beyond.”
Albia Gestion De Servicios

Implementation – KIT helps to streamline services at Albia

Once discussions had taken place with the KIT team, three months later KIT was operational and helping 1,000 Sales Consultants enhance the customer experience with the implementation delivered by teams working out of KIT’s Spanish and UK offices. Albia also has peace of mind knowing that it has access to 24-hour specialist support. The deployment was a seamless process. KIT is simple to use, with little or no training required, ensuring a rapid return on investment and providing a new level of job satisfaction for consultants that offer essential services while dealing with delicate situations.

Albia runs on-premise CRM and operates on SAP Cloud Platform making the rapid delivery of KIT possible as it plugs-in and connects to any legacy CRM system allowing Albia to leverage existing technical architecture without having to invest in new software licenses. KIT also extends CRM and ERP functionalities, improving the customer experience, all via SAP Cloud Platform – combining SAP technology with the User Experience of Apple SDK.

Sales Consultants use iPads to browse products and services. Once added to a customer shopping cart – they are pushed to the CRM system before being retrieved from a web client application. Although mobile applications work mainly online, KIT does provide an option to sync a specific product package from the catalogue on-demand.

Using SAP Cloud Platform & SAP Apple iOS SDK to continue to drive innovation in Funeral Centres

KIT modules sit on the same technology stack in any proposed architecture with benefits that include access to a full roadmap and the ability to include additional KIT modules such as Tasks or Appointments. For ease of implementation, by creating a simple integration process, KIT only requires integration testing with the system allowing for changes to be made to KIT without release, reducing testing impact.

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