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TOD’S Group

TOD’S Group is a family-run Italian fashion house, a global ambassador for Italy’s deeply rooted manufacturing traditions and a key player in producing and distributing luxury footwear, leather goods, clothing, and accessories.

Consisting of four brands, TOD’S, Hogan, Roger Vivier and Fay, TOD’S Group has over 400 locations worldwide with flagship stores in Europe, the USA, the Far East and Australia. TOD’S Group, to modernise its customer’s experience and above all appeal to a younger generation that is more accustomed to the digital revolution taking place, has made significant investments modernising its information technology systems.

The key driver is to give TOD’S Group consumers a new and innovative customer journey experiencing the brand seamlessly; physically at the store or in the digital space.

“Our retail business stakeholders were excited from day one with the KIT app. Having the chance to finally exploit an innovative and captivating software tool via a corporate phone enthused our sales associates. They finally saw themselves ‘empowered’ with the use of technology.”

Anthony Cipolla
TOD'S Group

Digital transformation creates new omnichannel options at TOD’S Group

As part of its global digital transformation and continued investment into its customer experience, TOD’S Group decided to enhance and digitise processes, with a strong focus on its retail omnichannel through the implementation of SAP Commerce, SAP CAR and a new Point of Sale (POS) solution along with empowering sales associates with an innovative Clienteling app. To bring the transformation to life, giving its sales associates more control over direct contact with customers, including one-to-one communications, TOD’S Group selected KIT as its Clienteling and Assisted Selling solution.

Sales associates at TOD’S Group already had access to a web-based tool used to look up customers, transactions, products, inventory and tasks. The goal was to build on the existing portal, to develop its already unrivalled customer experience further. The implementation of KIT will give its sales associates, across its global store network, access to a digital toolset that will place the customer relationship at the centre of the customer experience.

The KIT solution was a perfect fit to allow TOD’S Group to exploit the app’s standard and custom features. KIT has enabled an extensive range of omnichannel activities, including Appointment Management (confirming customer appointments requested online), Click & Collect, Click & Ship (from store), Reserve In-store, Returns, Endless Aisle and Stock Transfers. KIT has also given TOD’S Group a 360-degree view of customers, instant access to the product catalogue and communication functionality for one-to-one communications. It was also vital that the app updated all information in real-time.

“I’m happy to see that KIT will exceed our stakeholders' expectations and become a digital platform we can build on in the future, activating innovative services for our retail business.”

Anthony Cipolla
TOD'S Group

KIT reinvents the customer experience
Phase one of delivery, which began in March 2020, started with a full review of the existing retail portal to ensure that KIT incorporated all its functionalities. During this phase, the KIT team implemented Client, Catalogue and Dashboard. At the same time, KIT implemented the modules at Roger Vivier, Hogan, Fay, and Dev, the TOD’S Group outlet brand. But to achieve its number one goal, to provide sales associates with access to direct one-to-one communication with customers, the KIT team routed the Communication module into the TOD’S Group CRM system. Although the Communication module includes email, SMS and call features, it links directly into TOD’S Group CRM system allowing for store-level contact with customers to appear as a one-to-one conversation.

The KIT Communication module gives sales associates, for the first time, the ability to communicate with customers in a direct and personalised way, even when replying to an SMS sent to a store contact number. KIT will also become the window to omnichannel tasks and appointments, supporting the eCommerce to in-store journey seamlessly for the customer with interactions such as Click & Collect or Click & Ship fully integrated into KIT. For TOD’S Group and all its brands, KIT ensures that each sales associate at each brand will have the same experience but in their own look, feel and branding, giving every customer a fully rounded shopping experience.

Click & Collect in action at TOD’S Group
The TOD’S Group website allows customers to place an order and collect it from their chosen store, but if the product is not in stock, it can be shipped from a local warehouse. Once the product arrives, sales associates receive notification in KIT. By simply checking the order number in the KIT Dashboard, they can communicate directly with the customer to let them know the order is ready to collect and schedule an appointment to pick up the order. This approach saves time for both the sales associates and the customer, enabling sales associates to offer one-to-one personalised experiences and more accurately upsell/cross-sell when customers are in the store.

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