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Project SOCIETAS (Circle)

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

For the Ministry of Defence (MOD), maintaining national security is a 24-hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year mission. The organisation plays a vital role in protecting our national interests and safeguarding the nation’s prosperity – facing evolving threats and an uncertain mix of hostile actors in the process.

Critical to this is Mission Data, ensuring military platforms and systems are provided with data needed to keep them safe and effective, and providing military and government decision-makers vital information to make timely, assured decisions.

The complexity, volume and demand for Mission Data has grown exponentially in the past decade, driving a need for fundamentally new skills to analyse it and meet growing demand from frontline military forces. Against this backdrop, MOD was experiencing substantial issues in training and retaining its existing Mission Data workforce to meet these growing demands.

And so, Project SOCIETAS was born.

The mission for Deloitte was to support the MOD’s Defence Intelligence (DI) organisation and Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (JEWOSC) to design, procure and implement an ambitious, innovative partnership with industry – securing long-term access to an enhanced pool of skilled Mission Data personnel.

Culminating in the award of an £80m, up-to 10-year transformational industry partnership agreement, the creation of 70 highly-skilled data science jobs and upskilling of over 200 MOD personnel, the project eliminated the risk posed by skills shortages and enhances the MOD’s capabilities, resilience and effectiveness in the face of current and future threats.

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