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India Miller

Young Consultant of the Year

India is a trailblazer and evangelist for the adoption of intelligent automation tools in the public sector that deliver tangible improvements to UK public services. She has sector-leading expertise on what it takes to design and deliver solutions that improve the experience of public service providers and the people who rely on them.

Five years ago, automation was in its initial growth phase and quickly becoming an interesting concept for many organisations in public services. Some organisations had started to experiment, but they were few and far between. India has led the growth of the market, including the roll-out of automation in UK policing, supported a ministerial department as large and complex as the Home Office to define and deliver against its automation ambitions and has been the Global Intelligent Automation Chief of Staff since 2019, working to increase collaboration.

Within policing, India’s ground-breaking automation work has driven major improvements in public safety outcomes, including more efficient firearms licencing and security clearance vetting processes.

India has deep knowledge of the levers of success for automation within the public sector and a unique ability to interrogate problems. Her holistic approach to transformation enables her to reimagine typical process patterns and disrupt common approaches. Her experience spans the automation delivery cycle with a view to digitalise, innovate and deliver positive organisational and societal change.

She is rewriting ways of working for the better and is leading efforts to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of Deloitte’s approach to automation.

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