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Brexit – Many possibilities, one looming deadline

This week has not been as defining as it might have been for Brexit, with the watershed moment now expected to come between 12 and 14 March. However, some developments from the last few days could have material implications for how businesses assess their exposure to Brexit risks and decide on the plans they put in place.

It will be unclear until 14 March whether the UK asks for an extension to Article 50 - and what conditions the EU might attach to it - but it seems more feasible now that Brexit may be delayed. Having a new date to work to, which may not be confirmed until very close to the end of March, only adds complexity to an already uncertain set of conditions for business and frustration continues to mount that with so little time to go, there is no resolution.

As it stands, there are several scenarios that could still play out and business should continue to plan for a range of outcomes, including no deal. To read our update in full please click here.

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