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The future of Workforce Experience

The opportunity

Given the rapid pace of change in the world today, organisations need to strengthen their ability to be dynamic. This means rewiring all aspects of the workforce experience to leverage immersive and/or AI technology in order to elevate outcomes and create sustainable work models.

It also means having the right talent, with the right skills developed in the right way to succeed. But in many organisations, that’s hard to achieve and sustain over time. For example, it takes the average field technician nine to 12 months to reach proficiency. This situation is further complicated by the safety risk presented with the use of dangerous or complex equipment, and the business risk sustaining knowledge management given employee attrition.

Beyond the field, organisations seek new means of engagement as the physical and digital workplace changes to support more permanent hybrid work models and adapt to the needs of a multi-generational workforce.

Unlimited Reality can help you solve these issues in new ways

What benefits can companies expect?

Get started: Unlimited Reality Ambition Lab

How do you get started with Unlimited Reality? The perfect way might just be Deloitte's Unlimited Reality Ambition Lab, a half-day experience to help clients not only understand the metaverse but create real strategies that enable their organisations to address real business problems and test the value. But this is more than just a workshop. In the lab, we'll:

Case study: Increased safety through augmented training