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The future of customer engagement

The opportunity

The 3D web (or metaverse) and decentralised computing have the potential to be the next massive shift in how technology enhances our lives. When combined with new forms of digital asset ownership and digital identity, the metaverse as a network powers not only new experiences, but also new value creation and exchange.

Forward-thinking brands are exploring how to bring the virtual and physical together, seamlessly craft experiences across the 2D web and 3D virtual worlds to enhance customer experience and innovate their business models to capture value through virtual goods and commerce. To do the same means to address a set of strategic issues including:

  • Acquire: How can we leverage new immersive technologies to attract new customers and increase our brand awareness?
  • Grow: Can we deliver our products and services in a more engaging way and improve our commerce experience improving conversion and reducing returns?
  • Retain: How can we use new 3D virtual world experiences and web3 to build relationships with customers and reward loyalty?
  • Entertain: How can we differentiate our customer experience through entertaining virtual experiences, like concerts and bringing celebrities to more people?

Discover how to seize this opportunity

What benefits can companies expect?

Get started: Unlimited Reality Ambition Lab

How do you get started with Unlimited Reality? The perfect way might just be Deloitte's Unlimited Reality Ambition Lab, a half-day experience to help clients not only understand the metaverse but create real strategies that enable their organisations to address real business problems and test the value. But this is more than just a workshop. In the lab, we'll:

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte has a history of not just helping companies develop new strategies in the face of technological change, but also for executing them to achieve their potential. With Unlimited Reality, we have brought together practitioners with skillsets ranging from AI to 3D interface design to blockchain, in order to help our clients test the value of the metaverse and AR in the right way. Our team is experienced in helping clients take a test-and-learn approach, starting with strategy and innovation labs to prove out use cases. Our breadth of services from Acne, our creative consultancy, AI institute, internet risk team, to tax identifying R&D tax benefits mean that we are able to support the full metaverse journey from strategy through to implementation and successful scaling.

Case study: U.S. Open augmented reality

Creating trust in the Metaverse

The metaverse creates a lot of opportunity for how we work, learn and socialise, among other things. However, a more immersive digital society also raises a range of risks.

Our Unlimited Reality Trust and Resilience team helps companies make their use of the metaverse more secure, by better managing the risks that surround metaverse infrastructure and devices and providing trustworthy cross-reality. Our Internet Regulation team focuses on the laws and regulation which govern the metaverse and how to effect compliance and manage a Trust and Safety function.