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Tax Transformation with Anaplan

Connect Finance and Tax operations and teams, to enhance transparency, mitigate risks and improve overall tax management

Tax technology is developing at an exponential rate today, enabling businesses to transform processes in new and innovative ways. Anaplan’s cloud finance platform enables organisations to run planning processes by connecting data, people and plans across the business. Tax teams have a unique opportunity to leverage this industry-leading technology to connect business functions, increase efficiency and enable tax reporting transformation, supported by Deloitte - Anaplan’s largest global partner.

Tax Technology Trends and Developments:

Tax teams, and Finance teams more broadly, are transforming their operations from using spreadsheets and disparate, legacy systems to technology solutions that provide an integrated approach to tax reporting, risk management, regulatory and compliance processes. Technology-enabled tax solutions help streamline manual processes and reduce time-consuming data entry. This provides tax teams with real time, user-driven data that is mobile, scalable and connected across the enterprise. Deloitte’s Tax Reporting Solutions, powered by Anaplan, enable organisations to standardise, automate and future-proof tax reporting processes.

Anaplan is a cloud finance platform that originally set out to help organisations run planning processes by connecting data, people and plans from across different business functions. However immediately its capabilities were widely applicable across all business functions. Deloitte’s Tax Reporting Solutions in Anaplan enable tax and finance professionals to automate their tax processes, standardise their calculations and increase controls, ease of review and data transparency. Anaplan is recognised as one of the most agile, collaborative and secure planning systems available in the market with over 2,200 customers worldwide.