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ESG Assurance and Reporting

Providing quality assurance and independent challenge over ESG metrics and disclosures

Global sustainability reporting standards and changing regulatory requirements, such as the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), are rapidly increasing in scale and scope, and oblige audit committees to report environmental, social and governance (ESG) information in their annual report.

As a result, the need for accurate, comparable, and robust reporting of sustainability information is more critical than ever and companies are increasingly seeking independent assurance over their ESG disclosures.

Our subject matter experts can help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment, and our ESG assurance services will give you and your stakeholder’s confidence that you are disclosing correct and accurate information.

The Deloitte Difference

ESG Services

ESG Metrics Assurance

The quality of UK corporate reporting is under increased scrutiny, requiring a standardised and consistent measurement and disclosure of non-financial information. We provide ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3410 assurance over companies’ ESG information and metrics included in, or referenced from, the Annual Report.

We can assure metrics across the range of the ESG spectrum, from greenhouse gas emissions to food waste, workforce diversity and pay gaps, to a limited or reasonable level of assurance. We can work with you on your reporting journey to increase the scope of your metrics assurance over time as your reporting processes in these areas mature.

ESG Disclosures Assurance

In their annual report, UK premium listed companies are now required to state whether their disclosures are consistent with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations or to explain why not, and private companies over a certain size must now meet the climate-related financial disclosure requirements (CFD) requirements. Our assurance services cover the full range of requirements, from gap analysis and benchmarking against best practice and peers, to ISAE 3000 assurance over climate-related disclosures.

Gap Analysis, Readiness Assessments and Peer Benchmarking

Our expert team can meet your full range of requirements around assurance readiness and metrics/disclosure assessments to best prepare you for your journey to assurance, whether that is over metrics, disclosures, or both. From gap analysis, looking at existing disclosures and emerging standards, to readiness assessments on disclosure frameworks or reporting metrics. We can help benchmark you against your peers and tell you where you need to focus to reach your ESG assurance goal.

ESG Linked Finance related Assurance

Recent years have seen a proliferation of funds that describe themselves as sustainable or environmentally conscious. This increase has been boosted by a fast-growing sustainable finance regulatory framework in the EU and UK, alongside increasing investor demand. Against this backdrop, regulators have become increasingly concerned about the risk of “greenwashing”.

We provide independent assurance across the range of ESG financing, including green, social, sustainable, and transition-related financing across bonds, loans and facilities. Our expertise spans the following areas:

• Use of proceeds and impact reporting assurance

• Assurance related to the KPIs on sustainability-linked financing

• Agreed upon procedures (AUPs) relating to ESG financing

We can help you navigate the continuously evolving regulatory landscape concerning ESG reporting requirements, keep you informed of new regulations and share emerging best practices to future-proof your business.

We provide technical update training, including Board sessions, on climate change risks and other emerging issues related to ESG reporting updates and disclosure frameworks, to help you identify the impacts of ESG on your financial statements and corporate reporting.

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