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The Deloitte SAM Academy

Independent training committed to you

Deloitte’s global Software Asset Management (SAM) practice has evolved over a period of more than 20 years, built on a reputation of excellence in technology, compliance auditing and contract risk management. This success has enabled us to establish strong relationships with most major and many mid-tier software vendors.

Our mission statement for SAM is simple: to provide a differentiated client experience and achieve market leadership. The foundation of this includes our core values of providing quality services, insightful challenge and the best team.

We have applied our extensive knowledge and passion for SAM into the SAM Academy.

The SAM Academy is the culmination of our years of experience within SAM. Our training reflects our passion for helping our clients to build their SAM functions and covers the entire SAM and software lifecycle. We have created courses that are informative and comprehensive, and designed to help SAM professionals to build an effective and pro-active SAM function. We are constantly evolving our SAM training to accommodate new trends within the industry and best practice recommendations for SAM, as well as to reflect our continued, growing experience helping our clients to deliver SAM.

Our SAM trainers provide expertise that provide you with the opportunity to successfully address and implement SAM in your organisation. In addition to the open training at our facilities, we also offer customised, in-house bespoke training. The Deloitte SAM Academy enables you, through our proven concepts and methods, to establish a permanent professional SAM function within your company.


For any enquiries regarding the Deloitte SAM Academy, including if you would like to book on to one of our open courses, please e-mail us on

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss any further aspects of our training with our team, or discuss our further SAM services, please feel free to contact the team directly.

Please also get in contact with us for information regarding 'early bird' and volume discounts.

Volume discounts are applicable for attendance of 5+ participants.

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Training Courses

SAM Basic

In our Essential, Basic SAM training we discuss the basic principles of SAM. We have tailored the Basic course for people who are new to Software Asset Management or who simply want to gain a general overview of SAM, or to increase their knowledge of SAM. In our SAM Basic course we cover the following topics:

  • Gathering commercial software licence entitlement data;
  • Compiling data on software deployment;
  • Creating a software baseline to understand your software licence compliance position
  • What tool are available to support in a SAM function; and
  • How to manage a software vendor audit.


SAM Advanced

Our Advanced SAM course explores the key foundation of SAM - governance, controls and processes - needed to successfully implement SAM. We explore the following key subjects:

  • Defining the scope of SAM;
  • Key SAM processes and roles;
  • SAM data and tool management;
  • Software licence pooling and re-harvesting;
  • Software cost management; and
  • Outsourcing of SAM.


SAM Master Class

Our SAM Master Class course addresses current or prospective IT decision-makers and executives who fulfill SAM functions and/or manage SAM projects. We recommend as prerequisite for the participation in this training a sound practical knowledge of SAM. We explore:

  • Life-cycle orientated processes of Software Asset Management;
  • Software Asset Management structure and design areas;
  • SAM value proposition;
  • Software licence pooling;
  • Software cost management;
  • Software vendor audits


The completion of this SAM Master Class and its associated exam will lead to a Deloitte certification - D.SAM

Software Vendor Specific

We offer a range of software vendor-specific training courses to suit a variety of Enterprise environments and business software configurations. These include:

  • Adobe Licence Training - In recent years, Adobe has increasingly migrated its software licence model from a perpetual, one-time purchase option to a subscription-only licence model. We have observed that this has led to an increasing number of software licence compliance reviews in the marketplace and a push by Adobe to migrate its existing customers to subscription-based software versions. As a result of this training, you will gain an understanding of the Adobe software licence models available and the terms and conditions of use, to inform you on future discussions and negotiations with Adobe.
  • IBM Licence Training - IBM software licence management is a challenge for IBM customers, due to a) the use of complex licence metrics that vary from product to product and b) the variety of conditions and restrictions within IBM terms that must be carefully understood to avoid software licence non-compliance. Our training, designed based on our years of experience conducting IBM baselines and projects, is intended to provide the attendee with a comprehensive overview of IBM licence models and what to look for within IBM terms and conditions, to stay compliant.
  • IBM ILMT Training - Understand the main functionality included within the IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT). The complex and ever-changing licence models and software contractual requirements of IBM represents an ongoing challenge for its customers to understand and maintain software licence compliance. The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a mandatory requirement if companies want to license IBM software on a sub-capacity basis. As such, ensuring the tool is deployed and configured correctly is vital.
  • Microsoft Licence Training - Due to the ever increasing complexity and variety of licence agreements offered by Microsoft, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the current licence models, programs and their applicable terms of use is challenging to many Microsoft customers. Further, understanding the actual software demand and usage of Microsoft products, and how this aligns with an organisation’s IT strategy forms the basis for negotiating an optimal license contract with Microsoft, which is often an area many Microsoft customers struggle to achieve. Our training aims to explore the terms and conditions employed by Microsoft and further, explore how organisations can optimise their Microsoft software estate by aligning software usage with business strategy.
  • Oracle Licence Training - Licensing in the Oracle environment has grown extremely complex, due to the variety of Oracle products in the marketplace, ‘multilayer’ software licence metrics and the continually changing and increasing IT requirements of the Enterprise. To ensure Oracle software is used effectively and in line with Oracle’s terms and conditions, responsible parties such as Software Asset Managers have to manage these sophisticated licence models and regulations on a regular basis. This training course provides an overview of the types of licence metrics offered by Oracle.
  • SAP Licence Training - SAP software is an increasingly integral component in many organisations Enterprise Resource Management and Planning toolset. SAP is predominantly deployed as an ERP-solution, however in addition, there are also a number of industry-specific modules and products offered, as well as, increasingly, a number of cloud solutions. As such, it is important when deploying SAP products in the Enterprise to ensure that stakeholders responsible for monitoring software licence compliance have a full awareness of the terms and conditions of use that have been agreed with the software vendor. This training explores the key SAP products available in the marketplace.


We also offer bespoke training and challenge workshops based on your requirements. These trainings can be tailored to topics you would like support on (for example, software licence compliance baselining, vendor-specific training and contract renewal support) and can be held on your premises or an available location of choice. Contact us for more details.

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