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Navigating through an ever-changing and complex environment

As the accounting environment grows ever more complex, the pressures it places on companies’ finance functions only increases.

Businesses and, in particular, those charged with governance, increasingly need high-quality accounting advice, assurance, and an expert voice. This inspires confidence in areas of challenge and judgement, and gives all management and key stakeholders a clearer understanding of the challenges facing the business as well as acting in the public interest.

When might accounting services help?

Our accounting services can support your business with accounting opinions on technical matters all the way through to providing assurance on accounting for a merger or acquisition. The following areas are where we can support those charged with governance in technical accounting matters:

  • Companies need accounting providing comfort around technical accounting requirements related to specific activities or transactions, such as a merger or acquisition, a corporate restructure or refinancing exercise, or a cash extraction from the business, to help prepare in-house documentation and giving formal accounting opinions. This includes working in an expert capacity to provide an all-important accounting perspective on the transaction from the very start of the process. We also provide post-transaction support to help move from a transaction environment to a business-as-usual one, providing expert input into acquisition accounting, alignment of accounting policies, preparing the client’s finance team, from supporting the finance function, post the transaction being completed.
  • Companies may need to change their accounting policies, or need help with the implementation of new accounting standards, for example those on insurance contracts (IFRS 17), financial instruments (IFRS 9), revenue (IFRS 15) or leases (IFRS 16).
  • New accounting standards implementations: assurance services which address risks and improve reporting capabilities, as well as help you adopt and maintain compliance with the new accounting requirements.
  • On call services: assurance services which assist you with addressing complex UK GAAP and IFRS accounting issues. Services are on an “on call” basis, making them flexible and scalable, and include accounting events, strategic transactions, new accounting standards compliance and financial reporting.
  • GAAP Conversion: assurance services that help businesses assess the impact of adopting new reporting frameworks (such as switching from FRS 102 to IFRS) on financial statements.
  • Managed services and sourcing: allowing you to supplement short and long-term finance talent resources within accounting teams, with Deloitte acting as a trusted advisor and third-party service provider for management.
  • Work with our clients to help optimise the IFRS presentation of capital mitigation trades and transactions.
  • Help our clients navigate the IFRS consequences of IBOR reform including implications for hedge accounting and asset or liability restructuring.
  • Provide advice on regulators' (UK, ESMA and SEC) hot topics in financial reporting.

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