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Signatories Manager

Reduce the risk of unauthorised signatories and improve the efficiency of your worldwide signing process, while saving your Legal and CoSec teams time and effort.

Our unique tool offers a searchable digital database of authorities and has been designed for a modern and global workforce.

Intuitive and cloud-based, it complements your existing systems to create a single source of truth for signing authority.

The intelligent rules engine will query your agreement information against Powers of Attorney, delegations of authority, company bylaws and legislation – reducing your exposure to risk and promoting greater corporate governance.



1. Reduces the risk of documents being signed by unauthorised people, reducing the possibility of disputes and fines.

2. Streamlines and accelerates your processes, with less time spent analysing documents.

3. Integrates with your HR, Entity Management and DLA databases to automatically update when an employee leaves, so former colleagues will no longer be presented as signatory options.

4. Creates documents using generic, or client-specific templates to generate Powers of Attorney.

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