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DataHub is a secure cloud-based solution that simplifies complex data management through automation. With DataHub, you can enjoy greater flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in your existing or new processes.

Gathering, managing and processing data from multiple sources can be complicated…

Organising complex data is often time consuming and prone to human error. Not only do you have to gather it from multiple sources, the data must also be organised, validated and processed to create a useful output.

DataHub is a flexible, secure, cloud-based solution which seamlessly automates the collection, validation, and processing of complex data. The platform can be integrated with existing systems to gather multiple data inputs and process them in real time. DataHub enables the automation of complex calculations to eliminate manual intervention and delivers bespoke outputs and reporting, together with a visual representation of the data via a configurable dashboard.

Automating complex data management


DataHub is a scalable global solution that can be applied across geographies and workstreams to support our clients and help automate the management of complex data to drive downstream services. Here's what DataHub can do for you:

Automatically improve processes

Realise efficiencies in new or existing processes via automation which may enable the redeployment of internal resources and potentially minimise reliance on third-party support

Reduce human error

Improve the accuracy of downstream reporting by limiting manual interventions to reduce the risk of human error

Configure easily to your needs

Provide a flexible secure platform that can be configured to meet a specific business need

Provide insights in real time

Enhance governance and reporting capabilities via data analytics and real time reporting functionality


  • Gathers data from multiple sources and integrates with existing third-party systems
  • Processes in real time and ensures accuracy through data integrity checks
  • Comes with a configurable calculation engine that applies bespoke business logic
  • Generates client-specific deliverables that meet your needs
  • Presents data in an easy-to-understand format with customisable dashboard reports
  • Provides an interactive user interface with task management functionality

Get in touch

Payroll and Workforce Management

DataHub was developed by the Payroll and Workforce Management team, who were inspired by the use of automation in downstream Business Traveller payroll compliance, to drive efficiencies in their existing processes and reduce human intervention – just one use case for DataHub. The team leverage the DataHub technology to streamline processes and support their clients by delivering end-to-end solutions. If you are interested in transforming and developing your payroll function for the future, contact the Payroll Workforce Management team.