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by BankingSuite

Deploy highly personalized customer experiences across all digital touch points quickly. Experience by BankingSuite is the front-end framework that builds on years of Deloitte studio research and design experience to save you thousands of hours of development effort and power real growth for your business.

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Own your customer experience

If you want to increase customer satisfaction, or grow your base, you need to be in control of your digital experience.

The challenge is that when it comes to UX, not all banks can afford to scale large teams to build from the ground up. So instead, they’re forced into ‘renting’ customer experience from providers that limit customization.

With Experience by BankingSuite we’re re-writing that model and eliminating the trade offs. Flexibility, control and competitive edge, without compromising on cost and pace.


Buy or Build? 
Have the best of both worlds

Experience by BankingSuite is an industry leading front-end framework (or UX platform?), shaped by the best of Deloitte Digital’s human-centred design expertise.

We deliver 80% of the development effort for your digital experience ready to go, leave 20% for the unique, differentiating features that you want to build, and make sure 100% of it is yours to own.

No more vendor constraints. No more being stuck at the back of someone else’s release schedule. Not just token customization. True ownership. You can finally deliver the experience you’ve always wanted to.

Your business, your brand, your customers – you should be in charge.

  • Build

    Where you shine

    The differentiated part of your experience

  • Buy

    The technical foundations

    All the modern experience standards your digital first customers expect

    Shaped by Deloitte Digital’s human-centred design expertise


Build an experience that matches your vision


Get Started Quickly

Deploy better, smarter ‘table stakes’ capabilities, frictionless journeys, and omni-channel experiences quickly. We’ve built over 300 screen templates that you can access out of the box, and thoughtfully orchestrated these into journey flows that will allow your customers to self-service in all areas of the bank with convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. With tokenised design components, our Figma to Flutter integration collapses the design-to-development timeline considerably so you can produce elegant design in a fraction of the time.


Customise To Differentiate

All our existing journeys and pre-built Flutter components can be customised to create the experience that’s right for your brand. Once you’re happy with the configuration in Figma, the design will be automatically translated into .JSON files, saving your teams hours of development effort and enabling you to get updates out to your customers quickly. And if you want to customise further, you can take our product framework and extend it. No-one knows your customers or your market as well as you do, so we’ve created total flexibility for you to build the differentiating features that you really care about.


Take Genuine Ownership

With Experience by BankingSuite, we’ll make sure you retain ownership of the features you build. We’ll also give you full control of the backend platform, even the code, so there’s no more waiting on a 3rd party for updates. You can direct your own release schedules and shape the product roadmap around only your priorities. But if this feels like too much ownership, don’t worry. You’ll never have to take on more than you need. We’ll make sure your product scales at the right pace for your business, guiding you through the choices you need to make now, and in the future, with full support to upskill your teams so they can take over the platform when, and if, you’re ready.

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Human-centred design from some of the best in the business

Deloitte Digital, our world class design agency, has been creating digital experiences that customers love for over a decade. Working for some of the biggest global brands, our designers have perfected the art of building beautiful, modern experiences that are easy and enjoyable for your customers to use, and effective in delivering results for your business. We’ve embedded all this learning into Experience by BankingSuite, so its yours to access in an instant.

Power back in the hands of your designers

Our innovative Figma to Flutter integration automatically generates new code whenever your designers make changes. This cuts out considerable engineering effort for redesign, tweaks and seasonal brand moments, and frees up capacity for tougher engineering challenges. Happier engineers, and happier designers.

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A lower cost way to build and maintain your digital experience

Because we’ve used Flutter, Google’s open-source UI toolkit, you can be nimble and reduce build costs by going 2x faster across design, development, testing, and deployment. By pooling your innovation into one composable and highly scalable platform powered by a single code base, you can also lower your tech and process debt.

Differentiation where it matters

Whilst 80% of the development effort is complete, the final 20% is yours to infuse with the strategy specific to your segment, brand and business. We’ll help you build features that differentiate your digital experience, that nurture customer happiness, improve customer financial well-being, and build strong user loyalty. All with a focus on viability: ensuring the experience you build is authentic to your brand, in a cost profile you can sustain, and in spaces where your business can win.


Deploy digital experiences at pace with out-of-the-box capabilities you can access quickly

  • 40+

    product journey paths

  • 300+

    mobile & web screens

  • 110+

    mobile & web Flutter components

  • 1m+

    customisation options


Experience by BankingSuite enables the front-end experience for a range of retail and business banking journeys including:

    • KYC/AML Check
    • Authentication & ID&V
    • Account Funding
    • Saving Accounts
    • Checking Account
    • Account Maintenance
    • Spend analytics
    • Cross Selling & Engagement Nudges
    • Debit Cards
    • Card Management Features
    • Money in & out
    • Me-to-me Transfers
    • Secure lending (HELOC, Vehicle Loan)
    • Unsecured (Revolving line of credit)
    • Credit Cards
    • Parent Subsidary Relationship
    • Dedicated Funds
    • Savings & Deposit Ladder
    • Sub-Account creation
    • Multi-currency
    • Product Bundling
    • Multi-jurisdiction / multi-country /account structure
    • Rates & tiers
    • Liquidity Management 
    • Sub-Account creation
    • Earn
    • Redeem
    • ESG Disputes
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A modern platform for modern banks

Experience by BankingSuite is the front end framework that comes as standard for all our BankingSuite solutions. It's one of multiple capabilities in our modern, composable platform that underpins how we deliver for you. Choose from individual capabilities to modernize specific parts of your business, or take the full stack to build new propositions quickly.

Get started

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