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Buy? Or build?
Say hello to the new model

We believe there’s a better way,

The expense and risk of building everything in-house, or the inflexibility of single vendor solutions? For too long banks have been pushed into making this difficult choice. We believe those days are over.

Where you don’t waste time on table stakes,

Sometimes buying makes sense. After all, why reinvent the basics of digital banking? Our curated ecosystem of fintechs have been tried and tested, and we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Integrations are pre-configured, orchestrated to work for your specific use cases, and set up in a way that allows you to scale cost effectively. Where we’ve found gaps between what’s out there, and what you need to succeed, we’ve built our own software – saving you thousands of hours of development effort.

Where you have the freedom to choose,

With an orchestration layer built into each of our capabilities, you remain in control. There’s no vendor lock-in. Change the flow, swap providers, configure in multiple different ways to make it yours. There’s no rigidity, no forcing you into buying an extra 20 features when you only need one. Take as much or as little as you need, and then refine it to make it uniquely yours.

Where your energy is spent on what really matters.

If you buy for table-stakes, you should build for differentiation. That’s why we’ve designed our software to help you make quick progress towards your goals but with the freedom and flexibility to extend and make your own. We want you to spend less time figuring out the fundamentals, and more on what really matters: setting your business apart. So, with access to the best of our strategy, design and engineering talent, you can focus your build efforts on the differentiating features that make the difference. Where we build together, we’ll support you to develop new skills, and own your new capabilities over time. After all, it’s your business and your vision, and you should own your future.

Welcome to the new model.

No more binary choice of buy or build. We believe you can have the best of both. Streamline your design, build, operate and maintenance costs. Access leading industry innovation quickly. All without compromising on flexibility, control and differentiation where it matters most.

The BankingSuite platform 

A modern, composable banking platform to help you build new digital capabilities and products at pace

Choose individual capabilities to modernise specific parts of your business or take the full stack to build new digital retail or small business banking propositions quickly.

Platform 4 Platform 3 Platform 2b v4 Platform 1
Platform 1

BankingSuite: a modern, composable platform


Flexible, customisable front end design system – for Android, iOS and Web: Inventory of pre-built journeys | UI designs in Figma and tokenised for Flutter | Flutter platform | Customer insights

Platform 2b v4

Onboarding | Servicing | Payments & Transactions | Lending | Savings & Current Accounts

A modular set of Banking capabilities: Experience microservices | Configurable choreography & orchestration for relevant functional journeys | Ecosystem adapters

Platform 3


Integration to pre-configured next generation core engines: Customer data hub | Core migrator tool | Customer master record

Platform 4

Fabric Platform

A secure modern cloud platform to form the bedrock for your new digital capabilities and the engine for your data and insights: Dev & Sec Ops tooling | Microservice templates | Event streaming | Logical data model with rules & governance framework | ML models for insights

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