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A career in Audit + Assurance

Stuart’s story

For Stuart a career in Audit & Assurance is about making the most of opportunities, as well as working with interesting and engaging companies. Find out why he chose Deloitte and what he most enjoys about his job.

What attracted you to A&A at Deloitte?

I studied Accounting with Mathematics & Statistics at University and I’d always been interested in a career in accounting. Deloitte offers you a great opportunity to get hands on experience whilst studying for your Chartered Accountant qualification, which is what attracted me. During the application process I found there was a very inclusive culture here, and the people were welcoming. It made it an easy decision to accept the offer and join the firm.



What are the biggest misconceptions about Audit and Assurance?

The biggest misconception about Audit and Assurance is that it’s a monotonous box ticking exercise. In reality Deloitte has technology in place to help us to tackle the basic tasks in a more efficient manner, which frees up our time to really invest in the companies we work with. No two days are ever the same, and we spend a lot of time having important conversations where we use our problem-solving skills. I’ve now been part of numerous audits from start to finish and witnessed how much focus and scrutiny is applied to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of audit processes.



What are the biggest learning opportunities you’ve experienced since joining Deloitte and how have you been able to develop and progress?

Joining Deloitte has been a steep learning curve but there have been countless opportunities for career progression. During the early stages of my career, my focus was on becoming a Chartered Accountant, while I also gained exposure to high-end companies. You are given a level of responsibility from an early stage and this provides personal development opportunities. You also get the chance to develop your communications skills through all the client interaction. There is so much more to Deloitte than simply the audits we perform. As you progress through your career you’ll be given numerous self-development opportunities, and you can decide for yourself which path you would like to take.



How do you find the working arrangements at Deloitte? What are the benefits working from the office?

At Deloitte people are able to take a hybrid approach to working, which incorporates both office and home working. We are a people business and I find that the benefits of coming into the office and being able to spend time with our teams cannot be underestimated. I typically come into the Glasgow office three to four days a week which benefits me, but also helps the teams that I manage. After a rather unusual couple of years with COVID restrictions, it’s nice to be back in the office environment and see colleagues in real life.



What do you enjoy about your location?

I am based in the Glasgow office in Scotland, which is where I was born and went to university. I wanted to start my career in familiar surroundings so choosing to stay close to home was a great decision for me. It’s a fun and exciting city and the quality of companies you work with and opportunities available are the same as they are in London. I get regular opportunities to travel, for both company visits and events. I’ve also been able to build a great work-life balance, without the need for a long commute. I always feel I’m able to fit more into my work than I would if I had to travel for an hour or two a day.

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