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Hi, I'm David.

Brightstart apprentice and social rugby player, London

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My journey so far…

“I was born in Kaduna, in the northern part of Nigeria. My parents both had professional careers – my dad was a banker and my mum was a teacher. Growing up, I was quite inquisitive – I used to be the kid that took things apart and put them back together.

While in Nigeria, I went to a government boarding school. There’s often quite a lot of negative perceptions around that form of education, but back in Nigeria it was great. It was full of different tribes and cultures and everyone was supported and given the tools to thrive.  Looking back now, it was one of the best experiences that I had growing up.

I knew I wanted to work in consulting early on – my mentor and his brother played a big part in that decision as we often spoke about what I wanted for my career and the doors that it could open.

After finishing school, I worked in care for the later part of 2020 during the pandemic. During that time, I was looking into a career in nursing, so I went into care to gain some experience. Equally, I felt compelled to support in any way that I could as the care industry was massively under pressure – that was one of my biggest drivers.

Next, I joined the Brightstart Apprenticeship in 2022. I’m 23 years old, so a little bit older than most Brightstarts, but it felt like the right next step for me to go back to my original ambitions after finishing school.”

"If I can inspire at least one person to go after what they want, that’s something to be proud of."

Work that matters

“As part of the Brightstart scheme, all apprentices rotate around different areas of the business to broaden their skills and experience. I’m currently rotating around the SAP+ offering. SAP stands for System Applications Product – it’s a type of software that allows businesses to manage their functions through one streamlined platform. And I’m studying for my bachelor’s degree in Tech consulting at the same time. What’s nice about the apprenticeship is that it’s designed to align with the work that I do – so everything that I learn, I apply to my day-to-day straight away.

What I love most about my work is that it’s all about finding solutions. My role involves looking at our clients’ problems from a technical point of view. With the support of a wider team, we then work together to find and implement the best response – that can be anything from developing an app to supporting with day-to-day management.

Another highlight is the support system that Deloitte offers – it's truly amazing. I feel genuinely supported in my role, both from my team and from my people leader, so I always know that I’m never alone. Regardless of grade or seniority, everyone is always willing to make time and support each other, from a quick chat to a meeting over coffee.

It’s also important that I have time for the things that matter to me personally, like playing rugby on weeknights – I’ve joined the Deloitte rugby club – and speaking at my old school. Another role I had before joining the firm was working as a teaching assistant in a special needs school. Seeing firsthand the impact I could have in supporting the students and watching them overcome obstacles pushed me to continue to do this and give back.”

“The fact that you get four years of industry experience, get to be exposed to the senior leadership team, travel and come out at the other side with a fully funded bachelor’s degree – that's quite invaluable.”

Highlights from my week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I start my day with breakfast from the office canteen. I have a team stand up call at 9:30am where we talk about our priorities for the week ahead. On Tuesdays, I attend the Black Network meeting which I always enjoy. It’s a great way to connect with people in my field and talk about our shared experiences. Wednesdays are a great day to focus as I don’t have many calls on this day. I always go to the office gym after work too before heading home. Thursdays are similar, although I have meetings with the SAP project team. I like spending time with my team - I learn by osmosis, so I enjoy connecting with people face to face and working alongside my manager. Friday is my wrap-up day. It’s a great opportunity to see where I’ve got to since the beginning of the week and ensure all my tasks have been ironed out and completed before the weekend.

My weekend looks like

"Weekends, for me, are my chill time - my most social day is probably Friday. After work, I enjoy going for food and drinks with friends or taking a trip to the cinema. I try to go to the gym over the weekend too and go to church if I’m able to. I’m still technically a university student, so any free time that I get to study, I take it while I can."

3 things I've learned

Keep striving and have that grit

Don’t be afraid to be inquisitive and ask questions. It’s the way we learn and open ourselves up to new opportunities.

Take it easy and don’t rush

It’s good to self-reflect but don’t be self-critical. That’s something I’m always actively working on.

Appreciate the moment

As humans, we naturally always want more and often lose sight of the moment that we’re in. It’s okay to be constantly striving for better but remember to show yourself some gratitude and be proud of your now.

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David's book recommendation

John C. Maxwell
The 360 Degree Leader

"My mentor recommended a book to me before I started at Deloitte – 360 Leader. When people think of a ‘leader’, they naturally think of a CEO or people in C-Suite positions, but I believe everyone is a leader in their own right, no matter what stage they’re at in their career.

The book focuses a lot on how to communicate effectively, how to conduct yourself and how to lead not just below, but up and across too. Highly recommend if you’re looking for your next read."