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Hi, I'm Amy.

Audit & Assurance Manager and video gamer, London

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My journey so far...

I grew up in Southeast London with my mum and my aunt, after my parents separated. My mother has always been a key role model in my life. From washing dishes and being a carer to jobs in the beauty industry, she worked incredibly hard, often coming home as late as 11pm. I think that’s why I’ve always been quite money-conscious, and it’s one of the main reasons I decided to study maths at university. I was attracted to the financial stability and career prospects.

After graduating, I launched my career in data and software development. Although I really enjoyed the work, there were hardly any women, which left me feeling a bit isolated. But when I joined Deloitte last year, I was really pleased to see that women are encouraged into coding roles. There’s already more diversity in the sector, and I’m hopeful that progress will continue.

Away from my day job, one thing I really love is volunteering. I was first inspired to get involved back when I was at school. I had the opportunity to help out in a retreat for disabled children, and later to work at a homeless shelter. Since then, I’ve supported women getting into coding roles, and joined Deloitte’s volunteering hub. I’m currently mentoring someone who works for the charity, Scope, in a junior data role. We talk about their goals and how to achieve them. I love being able to share my experience of working in the sector and supporting someone else on the same journey.

I’m also in the East Asian community at Deloitte, which is part of our Multi-Cultural Network. Our main aim is to get people together from the community, hosting events and panel discussions. Recently we have been discussing the concept of the ‘bamboo ceiling’, where historically people from South East Asian and East Asian descent have struggled to get into high-profile roles across many different organisations. Our goal is to support more people into these senior roles, to further increase diversity and inclusion within the firm.

I’m passionate about inclusivity, especially as a South East Asian woman working in a STEM field. I love mentoring other people and supporting the wider community through our diversity networks.

Work that matters

I work in the Analytics and Modelling team for Audit and Assurance. I love what I do because the world of analytics is so broad, and you can do so much with it. One example is data visualisation, where we set out data in a visual way that’s easy for businesses to see and understand, to help them make important decisions.

Problem solving is another big part of my role, and it gives me a real sense of satisfaction. People don’t always think about Audit and Assurance as a creative career path, but in analytics I get to do a lot of coding and design, which is very creative. Most of all, I enjoy feeling like I’ve made a difference. I help people to make decisions that will not only support their business, but also enable them to have the most positive possible impact in society as well.

Highlights from my week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I helped the assurance teams put some graphs and surveys together for a report they’re working on, and got some great feedback on my work, which is always nice to hear. I created some calculations for the audit team, showing the breakdown of cost differences for an important project. I went for a walk and picked up some shopping at lunchtime. I love working at the office, but I also enjoy working from home so I can run errands during the day. I put together a proposal for some work that we might be doing in another country – it was really interesting getting to understand how the local team works. This year I’ve been making time for mental wellbeing. I take a break during the day for a yoga class and then after work go to meet some friends The firm’s East Asian community is planning to launch a Korean community, so we started working on ideas for more Korean events we can host in future.

My weekend looks like

I enjoy sports a lot, especially yoga and running. This year I’ve done a half marathon and my goal is to work towards a full marathon. I also love to wind down with video games - I’ve recently been playing with an escape room simulator. When I’m not exercising or playing games, I find plenty of time to go out with friends for good food.

3 things I've learned


Thanks to some of the conversations that came up around the firm’s Black Action Plan, I found myself gaining a deeper understanding of inclusivity, as well as my own privilege. I think it’s important for everyone to appreciate that.


My parents always told me that as someone from an ethnic minority background, I’d have to work 10 times harder than anyone else. But my manager pushes me to be more confident and is proud of what I’m achieving, ensuring that my efforts are always recognised. I really appreciate that because it helps me to battle imposter syndrome.

Taking time out

I have learnt that prioritising your mental wellbeing is just as important as the work you’re doing. It’s something my team really encourages, from small things like taking breaks when you need it, to clearly communicating your needs.



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Amy's documentary recommendation

Mind your Manners

"I really enjoyed the Netflix documentary ‘Mind your Manners’. It’s all about etiquette and how to engage in certain social settings, but the main message is about kindness to others. I find it applies really well to all areas of life – including helping us to build a respectful and inclusive atmosphere at work."