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Hi, I'm Abi.

Senior Consultant, software developer specialising in Defence & Security and avid reader, London

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My journey so far…

I grew up in London with my parents and two little sisters. My family is originally from Nigeria and there’s a big focus on studying in our culture. I was encouraged to work hard from an early age which I came to really appreciate. It gave me the chance to read and learn, which has set me up for my future. I loved science and was always curious about the way things worked. I also enjoyed spending time on my computer, figuring out different websites.

After studying biomedicine at university, I decided a career in medicine wasn’t for me. Instead, I started working in coding. I had no clue how computers worked when I began, but I learned all the processes on the job. Two and half years ago I joined Deloitte. I was attracted to the firm because of the huge range of clients and the high quality of work they deliver.

"I’m constantly asking questions about the world and l love learning and discovering new things."

Work that matters

I’m a software developer, working with defence clients. I was interested in the sector because every solution we create can support keeping people safe and maintaining peace. Along with my team, I help our clients to build applications, such as new websites. I’m also working on some interesting projects involving AI, to make advanced tools user-friendly and accessible to all.


I really enjoy the constant problem solving that’s involved in my job, whether that’s one big challenge or lots of little ones. I’m always learning and developing my skills and I love being able to bounce ideas off my team, bringing technology to life. We take an idea, build it into a concept and take it right through to completion so it can be used in the workplace. It’s very satisfying to see that happen, along with the benefits it brings for clients. I also get a real sense of pride and purpose in knowing the work we do helps to serve the country. I’ve already been given the opportunity to lead teams and coach others, which I find really fulfilling. I feel encouraged to work towards things that align with my skills and my ambition is to lead multiple teams in future.

Highlights from my week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
We start the day with a stand-up meeting about our plans for this week. I’m focusing on writing code today and making sure it’s checked by other team members. I go to the gym in the morning because I’m working from home today. Later I catch up with a colleague working on a different part of an application. I’m coaching him to build his software development skills, which I really enjoy. We have a project social today, where I’m able to catch up with my network. They let me know we recently won an AI bid with a client. Once the project gets going I’ll be coming onboard, so that’s very exciting. Today is go-live day for a new project with a client. Just before launch one component goes wrong, but we manage to put in a temporary component while we solve the problem, meaning there’s no delays. We hold a feedback session with the users of our new application and the scores are really high. The client is very happy which is a huge boost for the team. After work I celebrate my success with friends.

My weekend looks like

I’m passionate about reading and I’m never far from a good book. I also love the gym, because I find running on the treadmill helps me to clear my head. At weekends I get a real energy boost from meeting up with friends. Living in London there’s so many places we’ve never been to, so there’s always something new to try.

3 things I've learned

The power of perseverance

When you’re trying to figure something out and it seems difficult, it’s important to keep trying. As long as you take regular breaks, you’ll always come up with a solution if you persevere.

Appreciating different strengths

I’ve learned what other people are good at, and it’s taught me to better understand when to ask them for help. It’s so important to rely on each other and work as a team.

Good discipline

I find it helpful to commit to my tasks and hold myself accountable. It could be a deadline I’ve set for myself or a promise to a colleague, but self-discipline has really increased my confidence and helped me to know that I can deliver what ‘s needed.

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Abi's book recommendation

What the future looks like
Jim Al-Khalili

"What the Future Looks Like analyses the progress of human civilization, looking at the growth of technology and how it links to humanity. I think it’s important to have a better understanding of the future of technology, so we can all make better business decisions. This book really expanded my mind and showed me some of the things that will be possible in future- like space travel."