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A graduate’s experience

Rohan’s story

Rohan joined Deloitte in Risk Advisory last year. He tells us about the highlights of the graduate programme, and how he’s grown since joining the firm.

What’s the best thing about the programme you joined?

I joined Deloitte on the Graduate Programme in Risk Advisory in 2022. I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many people from different backgrounds, all of whom bring their own skillset, ways of thinking and industry knowledge. Every day at Deloitte is as a learning experience working alongside so much talent. Eventually, when you complete tasks or reach a level of expertise in an area that you want to specialise in, it is expected that you are the person to go to with certain questions, and you can continue this amazing cycle of knowledge exchange. It’s a positive process that keeps you motivated, even at the busiest times.



What’s the best thing about flexible working?

I love being in the office because it gives me valuable time to communicate with colleagues in person and I am always bumping into people and learning about new opportunities. However, it’s important to be able to work remotely too – I’ve definitely noticed that working one or two days at your home workspace has a recharging effect for when you’re back in the office. Therefore, the best thing about Deloitte’s flexible working scheme (which offers you the choice of how you want to balance your time) is the fact that you have the choice to change your working environment to suit your personal needs. Even within the office building in London, there’s such a wide expanse of different workspaces that you can always find a place to retreat.



How do you explain your role to friends and family?

I currently work in Payments & Digital Assets of Non-Financial Risk Advisory, which sounds very specific, but it is in fact very broad. Once you understand the various people, professions and processes that form how the world transfers money, you realise the sheer diversity of risk concerns that you as a consultant are required to consider. I am currently engaged with client work, but also learning to keep updated with what is happening both inside and outside of it to ensure I can address current concerns. By working across different areas, it means I get a varied range of experience. One moment I could be doing spreadsheets, the next I could be helping build newsletters for circulation or helping to create a presentation for a client. My role, and the foundations that I am building, are being shaped by me. I am being supported on a daily basis to become the best version of myself as a consultant at Deloitte.



What does diversity and inclusion mean to you, and how is this reflected at Deloitte?

For me, diversity and inclusion means having an understanding of how we can celebrate difference and form communities based on that understanding. Though it is always important to approach the topic of diversity and inclusion from a statistical perspective to understand systemic change, I feel it is equally important to realise the smaller things that indicate positive cultural shifts. One event that comes to mind is the firm’s celebration of Diwali, which included an event organised by the Deloitte Hindu Network. Growing up as a Hindu, I enjoyed celebrating this special day, and seeing colleagues from all faiths and backgrounds coming together was amazing. Deloitte offers the same for other religious and cultural events, which gives people a chance to celebrate and learn.



How have you been supported in your role at Deloitte?

Beginning full-time work straight after university can feel sudden, as you are aware that some considerable personal transformations lie ahead. However, I could not think of a better place to adjust to this than Deloitte. There are many facilities for continuous learning and development, such as group subscriptions to the Financial Times, and availability of free online specialist courses. Deloitte also fosters a positive culture through its ‘buddy’ and people lead systems, which enable you to have regular check-ins on your wellbeing and feel comfortable within your role. Through this culture of self-reflection, I have been able to appreciate how far I’ve come. Even in my first year, I have been trusted with responsibility both within the firm and on client work, which has boosted my confidence. Alongside challenging me to think outside my comfort zone, my team has also recognised my passion for writing and encouraged me to think of applying it to the work we do. I am very grateful to be part of such an open-minded firm, where I can widen my scope of learning and not restrict myself.

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