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Customer Experience

Elevate the human experience and create customers for life.

Put the customer at the centre of things—using SAP® Customer Experience solutions.

With decades of SAP® experience, an award-winning network of professionals and industry-specific capabilities, Deloitte Digital helps organisations around the world elevate the human experience, respond at the pace of disruption and drive new business outcomes with SAP Customer Experience cloud solutions.

Lead to Loyalty

Are you putting the customer at the centre of things? Lead to Loyalty from Deloitte Digital can help, enabling a unified ecosystem of SAP solutions designed to drive loyalty and results across touchpoints.

Experience innovation

We work each day to help clients across industries reimagine everything and activate the Kinetic Enterprise™—an intelligent, cloud-enabled enterprise built to evolve rapidly, leveraging a clean ERP and an extended ecosystem of services, applications and capabilities.

Collaborating closely with clients to explore an entire universe of possibilities, Deloitte Digital assists companies in unlocking value with SAP Customer Experience solutions such as SAP® C/4HANA and SAP’s Qualtrics® experience management (XM) platform.

By working with industry leaders to connect the dots—and to see beyond the dots—we help organisations navigate constant disruption and get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. That’s a big deal in an environment where customer expectations and business demands are constantly increasing. And if we make transformation look easy, it’s because we’ve been at it a long time. (We celebrated our 30th anniversary with SAP in 2019.)

Fast-forward transformation

With a complete set of services and solutions, Deloitte Digital can help you move forward fast and enable the “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise with confidence—no matter where you are in your transformation journey with SAP solutions. Our deep industry experience and technical knowledge provide a foundation to help you address nonstop disruption with forward-facing capabilities for digital commerce, customer service, sales and marketing.

By helping you intelligently combine experience data (X data) and operational data (O data), Deloitte Digital can help you merge the back office with the front office, deliver a unified experience for customers and the workforce, support a “human first” organisation and pivot rapidly to address shifting demands.

Recognised for results

Our team brings end-to-end capabilities that support your ability to innovate your business, build your brand, and grow. We are widely recognised for our ability to help clients deliver results with SAP solutions, and our list of awards and accolades is a long one. Recent wins include 2020 Qualtrics® Customer Experience Partner of the Year award and 2019 SAP® Pinnacle Awards as Customer Experience Partner of the Year and Digital Partner of the Year. We also were named a 2019 finalist in three SAP S/4HANA® categories.

SAP Customer Experience Offerings on the Hux Platform

For companies looking to take their customer experience to the next level, SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) solutions are often their first stop – and with good reason. From advanced marketing tools to customer data, commerce, sales and service offerings, SAP CX solutions provide the full range of powerful, tightly integrated capabilities it takes to deliver a superior, differentiated customer experience, across industries.

Streamline and accelerate your purchase process

Deloitte’s Hux platform makes it easier than ever for companies to select, purchase and implement SAP CX capabilities that fit their needs. Thanks to a special arrangement with SAP, Deloitte can serve as the single point of contact for purchasing SAP CX solutions. The result? A streamlined, significantly accelerated purchase process that ensures you get these powerful customer experience capabilities up and running as quickly as possible.

Different industries, different needs, different SAP CX packages

We’ve helped companies across industries put SAP CX capabilities to work, and we’ve used that practical, hands-on experience to create a series of tailored packages that meet the unique needs of individual industries. With each package, we’ve already done the hard work of determining which SAP CX capabilities are most important, how they should be integrated with other key solutions shaping the customer experience and how to deploy them most effectively. It’s an approach that makes for fast, efficient implementations that deliver superior customer experiences in tight alignment with industry expectations.

Hux Direct Selling

SAP Commerce has a powerful role to play in helping these companies differentiate themselves through better experiences.

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The next era of digital commerce growth - Five trends that are deepening customer experience and connection

Digital commerce is a catalyst for an unprecedented new era of growth. Companies that capture the momentum by embracing emerging trends stay ahead and stand apart.

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Put all your customer data to work and make every customer engagement personalised

Data is the single most important aspect of any customer experience initiative. But new digital engagement channels, along with years’ worth of “bolted on” CX technologies, have made mastering customer data even more difficult. With Deloitte’s help, the SAP Customer Data Platform offers more control over customer data.

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A New Day for Digital Commerce

Cloud-enabled digital commerce is becoming an essential ingredient for many businesses. But building your own capabilities from the ground up can prove difficult and time-consuming. Learn why a move to SAP Commerce Cloud might be a smart move—and how Deloitte can help you move with confidence.

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Conquering complexity in the customer experience

With the SAP Intelligent Suite—including SAP Customer Experience solutions such as SAP C/4HANA—enterprise leaders can begin to address complexity, transform their business processes and innovate. Deloitte has insights that can help.

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Future-proof your digital business: Reimagining customer engagement and your brand experience

Future-proofing your business to keep up with growing expectations and digital touchpoints means reimagining the customer experience, your brand, and the role of technologies such as SAP Customer Experience solutions. Learn more from Deloitte.

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How to migrate data to Commerce applications

Explore the Data Migration process and how to validate the data accuracy as part of the migration.

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Hux Direct Selling

SAP Commerce has a powerful role to play in helping these companies differentiate themselves through better experiences.

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Lead to Loyalty: Build predictive, proactive, human-first customer experiences that go a step beyond

How can you put the customer at the centre of things? Lead to Loyalty by Deloitte Digital can help, providing an integrated platform centered on SAP solutions—built to drive loyalty across customer touchpoints and to evolve with your business.

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Making an impact with marketplaces

What exactly are digital marketplaces, and how can they help you generate new value for the business? For many enterprise leaders leveraging SAP® solutions for commerce, answering that question becomes imperative. Start with a high-level view of the landscape and the potential opportunities.

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Reimagine customer data, cloud and your opportunities

Learn how an SAP Customer Data Cloud workshop by Deloitte can help you approach customer data more strategically—to help you strengthen customer relationships, drive revenue growth, improve compliance and tap the benefits of cloud.

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To optimise performance, modernise sales operations

High performance sales operations with SAP® Customer Experience.

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Tune and Scale while you Develop

Following the Left Shift Performance Tuning Paradigm to avoid disruption to business growth

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Customer Data Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Explore the customer data trends that will impact your business in the next year and beyond!

Delivering the Future of Digital Commerce

Engaging Tomorrow's Customer through SAP® Commerce Cloud

Future of Technology Radio

AI Goes Shopping: Humanising the Retail Customer Experience

How B2B is going from transactional to experiential

What does the transition from transactional to experiential looks like for B2B companies? Listen for the the benefits and challenges of consumerising and the role ecommerce plays in this and steps you can take today no matter where you are in the process.

Market Movers - Annex Cloud & Deloitte

What makes a loyalty programme successful? How can you improve customer engagement and retention throughout the lifecycle of your customers? Watch for insights into proven methods of success along with ideas on how we should think of loyalty programmes in the context of the digital transformation.

The Kinetic Enterprise: Built to Evolve

A new podcast series is designed to help enterprise leaders get smart about the Kinetic Enterprise™—Deloitte’s vision for activating an intelligent, cloud-enabled organisation that is built to evolve.

Deloitte + SAP

How can you navigate relentless disruption and tomorrow’s uncertainty?

By becoming a more Kinetic Enterprise™—an intelligent enterprise built to evolve. It’s time to reimagine everything. Deloitte can show you how—and help you make an impact with SAP® solutions.

Case studies

When customers said “make it easier to do business with you,” Alcon turned to Deloitte to help them build a system using SAP Hybris e-commerce for easy online ordering and accurate inventory management of their precision medical lenses.

dōTERRA, a leading essential oil company, wows its customers and resellers with a whole new e-commerce experience based on SAP Hybris Commerce.

In the face of changing demographics and tech product landscape, America’s leading rent-to-own destination engaged Deloitte to leverage SAP Hybris and transform the customer experience on the go and in-store.