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TMT Predictions 2023

Would you like ads with your streaming video? Will AI design better chips? Can 5G phones really cost less than US$100? Check out what’s in store for technology, media, and telecommunications in 2023.

What’s next for technology, media, and telecommunications?

From down here on Planet Earth to outer space and then on to the metaverse, today’s technologies are creating new tomorrows. Tech companies are leading the way in their climate commitments for a more sustainable world. Low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites continue to be launched, with concerns about collisions. Higher up in orbit, radiation-hardened chips are changing the high frontier. Virtual production could be the special effect for both today’s blockbuster movie and tomorrow’s metaverse. Explore these predictions and more to learn what’s next in technology, media, and telecommunications.

The 2023 Predictions

AI in chip design: Semiconductor companies are using AI to design better chips faster, cheaper, and more efficiently

Recent advances in machine learning are allowing chip companies to solve one of the biggest design problems ever: How do you arrange 100 billion transistors on one square inch?

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Everyone’s watching: AVOD finds an increasingly receptive audience

AVOD’s appeal surges as price-conscious viewers become more willing to watch ads in exchange for discounted or free streaming video.

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Live sports: The next arena for the streaming wars

As streamers take a growing share of a thriving market, can they go the distance?

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Virtual production gets real: Bringing real-time visual effects onto the set

Digital tools and technologies are bringing virtual effects to physical sets and making production more flexible and cost-effective—freeing creativity from previous constraints.

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Tech’s climate commitment: Organizational and personal impacts are pushing tech leaders toward faster climate action

The technology industry has set ambitious deadlines for achieving net-zero. Operational efficiencies, sustainable products, and tech innovations can help it get there.

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TMT divestitures make a comeback: 2023 deal values in tech, media, and telecom may bounce back strongly

Many TMT companies are aiming to become smaller and more focused. Bottom-line pressure and high interest from private equity and venture capital firms can make it easier in 2023.

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