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TMT Predictions 2022

What’s next for technology, media, and telecommunications?

From women in tech to floating solar panels, TMT Predictions identifies the global trends most likely to impact businesses and consumers in the coming year.

The COVID crisis continues to accelerate our adoption of technology and increase our levels of connectivity via the digital world. There is enormous demand for chips as more and more products become digitally connected, powering everything from our multiple devices to smart vehicles. And connectivity is only going to expand with such technologies as Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, reinforcing the rapid digital transformation all industries and businesses are currently witnessing.

Explore how many of these trends are currently being driven by economic and societal shifts brought on by the global pandemic.

The 2022 Predictions

My kingdom for a chip

The semiconductor shortage extends into 2022

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Mental health goes mobile

The mental health app market will keep on growing

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Making smartphones sustainable

Live long and greener

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The gender gap in reading

Boy meets book, boy loses book, boy never gets book back

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Women in the tech industry

Gaining ground, but facing new headwinds

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AIs wide shut

AI regulation gets (even more) serious

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