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Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

We help companies identify, understand and respond to changing trends, business models and opportunities in the quickly evolving retail landscape. Our integrated teams can lead you through your strategic decisions to help you thrive in this dynamic market environment.  

Think the world has changed over the last decade? Just wait.

The future is fast approaching, and the consumer industry is on the precipice of dramatic change that will significantly impact the markets, models, and mechanics of consumer companies over the next decade. With all this uncertainty, one thing is clear: The strategies that led you to today likely won’t get you to the future.


Responsible innovation in an evolving retail landscape

Many of today’s consumers expect retailers to operate not only efficiently, but empathetically too. Our Retail, Wholesale & Distribution group can help you to move forward in sustainability and inclusion, as well as profit.

By reducing the use of resources and implementing new strategies, we can help you move towards a more sustainable model, in response to the demands of consumers, as well as of new regulations. 

We can also support your transition to the next generation of shops—both physical and virtual, through augmented and virtual reality, as well as diverse fulfilment and experience options. By enhancing demand sensing, collaborative relationships, process integration and information integration, we can support you in gaining a competitive edge with an agile supply chain.

Working together towards creating a more socially responsible market.

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