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Episode #1: D.A.R.E – Purpose Driven Leadership

In our very first episode, we get deep into the core of what drives us – Purpose. We also explore how this is both individual and something that is also a leadership ripple effect. At the heart of the discussion is “Finding your purpose”, “Evolution of purpose through ones career”, “How your leadership style adapts to this evolution” and finally what you can do to “Find your own purpose”. We hope you enjoy listening.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  • What assets are important to being an authentic leader?
  • How do we make others feel proud to work for Deloitte?
  • How has Scott’s leadership style changed as purpose has evolved?
  • What advice do we have for people trying to find or articulate their purpose?
  • How can we orchestrate an environment that helps you act in alignment with your purpose?

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