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Episode 33: Weathering the storms – our mid-year outlook for financial services regulation

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At the start of 2022, we published our Financial Services Regulatory Outlook giving our predictions for regulatory trends in the year ahead. With the momentous events of the first half of the year, it’s time to revisit them. In this episode, David Strachan and Suchitra Nair from the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy discuss the major market developments that have shaped 2022 so far and what these are likely to mean for the regulation and supervision of financial services firms.

Key questions:

  • What direct and indirect effects has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had on financial markets and financial services firms?
  • How will regulators adjust their strategies to respond to rising interest rates and inflationary pressures?
  • Are there signs of an increasingly competitive approach to regulatory policy in the UK and the EU?
  • How has the increased focus on energy security affected the sustainability agenda in financial services?

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