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Episode 43: 2024 Sustainability Regulation Outlook

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To know more about this topic, read the full report here

The 2024 Sustainability Regulation Outlook report is now live! It covers the key implications of sustainability related regulations across financial services and non-financial services. The report contains key insights on pivotal topics with crucial consequences for financial services and the real economy such as decarbonisation, greenwashing, sustainability reporting and circularity.

In this episode, Isha Gupta from the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy is joined by authors of the report and senior managers in Deloitte’s Sustainability Regulation Hub, Magda Puzniak-Holford and Ramon Bravo Gonzalez to discuss what firms should be focusing on to prepare for the deluge of sustainability related regulations. The trio are privileged to be joined by Jane Gimber, Head of Sustainability from Fleishman Hillard a consulting firm based in Brussels, who provides key insights on the impact that the upcoming European Parliamentary elections will have on all of this.

Key questions:

  • Where should firms be focusing?
  • What are the priorities within sustainability reporting?
  • What is the impact of European Parliamentary elections?
  • For companies that have a net zero target, what is the impact of regulation?
  • In addition to renewables and electrification, are there other alternatives available to companies to reduce their emissions?
  • What are the latest developments on circularity in 2024?
  • How can firms tackle greenwashing?

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