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Episode 42: Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2024

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What’s in store for 2024? What are the emerging risks and structural trends that are shaping the regulatory and supervisory agenda, and how should financial services firms respond? In this episode of Regulated Radio, Alex Spooner is joined by Suchitra Nair and David Strachan to explore these questions and a range of topics, including geopolitical risks, tech and innovation, sustainable finance, prudential reform and the Consumer Duty.

Key questions:

  • What risks will financial services regulators and supervisors be worried about as we head into 2024?
  • What structural trends will shape the regulatory landscape this year?
  • How might upcoming global elections have an impact on the sustainability agenda?
  • How should firms manage the impact of regulatory divergence?
  • What are the key things firms need to get right on the Consumer Duty this year?

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